Tamar Braxton Unlocks "Love and War" Album Cover

 Today, Tamar Braxton unveiled the cover to her highly anticipated album "Love and War". The album features the singles "Love and War", "The One" and "Hot Sugar". It will hit stores on September 3rd. This is the WORST album cover since Ciara's "Fantasy Ride". This is simply awful.

I can't with these covers. What were they thinking? Who approved for this? It's very different, but tacky looking! This isn't Tamar! I was looking for the sass and class but this looks like she took her picture, loaded it on a computer, pull up the Paint app and let her baby Logan go to work!

This is the photo that is under all of the red paint! This is HOT!! Why not just use this with some small paint strokes of "Tamar Braxton Love and War"? Pretty picture gone to waste!

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