Law & Order Covering Paula Dean and Trayvon Martin Stories With One Episode

Law & Order SVU are testing the waters again. A few months ago, the showed aired an episode that was based off of Rihanna and Chris Brown's abusive relationship. The show ended it with killing off the Rihanna portrayed character. It was some of their best ratings to date. The producers indicated that their goal was to tackle domestic violence issues. Now they're stepping into Paula Dean & Trayvon Martin's stories

According to Entertainment Weekly, actress Cybil Shepherd plays the celebrity chef who shoots and kills the Trayvon Martin character. This episode will tell the story of a celebrity chef woman who thought she was being perused by a rapist. She turns around and see's that it's an African-American teenager and still pulls the trigger.She will stand trail which will very closely mimic Geroge Zimmerman's trail.

Wednesday, pictures from the SVU set emerged on BuzzFeed and speculation mounted about whether or not the images might suggest that the show was taking on the controversial George Zimmerman trial so soon. In fact, the SVU writers have taken things one step further and combined two of the year’s biggest headlines: The trial of Zimmerman over the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin and the Paula Deen scandal. 
“[Jeffrey] Tambor is a defense attorney representing a very high-profile celebrity woman chef who thought she was being pursued by a rapist and turned around it was a teenager. And she shot him,” said Leight in an interview with EW. “There’s a lot of stop and frisk elements to that as well. 
Cybill Shephard is playing the part of the celebrity chef, and Smash’s Leslie Odom, Jr. is portraying a minister of the slain child in what will be the third episode of the season.
They won’t be shying away from the big questions either, according to Leight. “Is racial profiling justifiable? Can self-defense involve racial profiling? We’re diving right into that,” he said. “Can that happen in New York? Absolutely.” 
Be prepared for the episode to divide audiences. According to Leight, it even exposed divisions within the SVU team. “When the script was published it became a litmus test for everybody here,” he said. “It was really interesting to see people read that script and have different interpretations about who did what and whether or not they deserved prison for it. It was fascinating.” 
Leight added: “For better or for worse, this is a good season. It’s almost like we’re being bombarded by headlines. It’s tricky, but we’ll be doing that a lot this season.”Law & Order: SVU’s 15th season will debut with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 9 P.M. on NBC.
Source: Entertainment Weekly

This will be interesting! I'll post it so that you can watch it!

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