Katy Perry Burns Her Old Look & Announces Roar Premiere

Katy Perry has ditched the bubble gum pop look for a more dark amazonian look. In the teaser video that you are about to see display a more edgy looking Katy setting her old baby blue wig a flame while watch us watch it burn.

The new single is called "Roar" and it will be the first offering from her album "Prisim" which is due out October 22nd. The song is rumored to be produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, & Bonnie McKee. It will make it's debut on Aug. 12th. Check out the clip below.

I like this dark side. I hope this is the feel and look that she is going for. I just wonder if she will see the same success as "Teenage Dream"? That album had five #1 singles. She's the first person to do that since Michael Jackson which was back in 1988.

As for the single, I like the fact that songs are now being mixed and producerd by different producers. Like it gives the song an entire different feel versus one person producing the entire thing. I guess thay is the new trend now. I can't wait to hear it!

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