FRESH MUSIC | Naya - "Sorry" (feat. Big Sean)

Naya Rivera is her full name, but in music...she's simply going by Naya. The singer is well known for her role on the hit television show "Glee" which airs on Fox. She plays a character named Santana. Recently, she's been romantically linked to rapper Big Sean and shortly after a snippet of this song surfaced and people, like myself began bumping the gums.

The first words that left my mouth was "she got with Big Sean to attempt to have a hit music career". Everyone was thinking it, so I said it!. But anyway, the song premiered in full today on radio stations across the nation. It's very funky sounding with a blend of pop and R&B. Listen to the track below as it features he boo spitting a few verses. It sounds like a track aimed at his ex whom he left for Naya.

It's not half bad....I need to hear the full HQ version though. What do you think?

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