FRESH MUSIC | Katy Perry - "Roar"

The time has come! Stop your clocks! Stop your watches! Kween Katy Perry has unleashed her new single "Roar". The tune has hit the net just two days ahead of it's August 12th release. The song is the first single from her upcoming album "Prism" due out Oct. 22nd.

The mellow pop sounding tune see a more aggressive sounding woman lacing the track. Though she's not roaring one bit, you can hear the vocal growth that she's obtain over the past few years. I can't wait for the video. Listen to the track below.

I can dig it. To me, it sounds like something that could have been on the "Teenage Dream" album. I don't think she should have buried that era just yet because it sounds like a blast from the past. The song is nice, I like it a lot. I'm hoping there's some growth within the music itself on the album. I can hear it in the voice, not in the music. But were all those teaser worth the wait? Comment and vote below.

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