Beyonce has been pissing off the masses over the past few months with new music leaks and teases of all kinds of things but no official album, video or single announcement. This song was birthed to the public in April when she debuted her new Pepsi Commercial to the world. Since then we've gotten loops of the track, live performances of the song and then came an official live version of the track.

Ironically, exactly 4 months after the world heard "Grown Woman", we have an official studio version of the song which is a bit different from the live one. We hear more harmonies, different instruments and a few of the lyrics are switched up and around with Timbaland's sick production behind. This is yet another attempt to keep the fans on their toes until official new music drops. Thanks to my good friend Zion and he site Zionology, listen to the song below.

I know, I know...she's pissing me off too. This song should have been released the day OF her Pepsi commercial debut. Not 4 months later....the wait has been incredibly long and I'm forced to believe that when the time does come to drop the album, the hype will be over and done with.

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