FRESH MUSIC | Ariana Grande - "Right There" (feat. Big Sean)

Youngling Ariana Grande is capitilizing on her success with the constant release of new material from her album "Yours Truly" which hits stores on September 2nd. The younger star is being deemed the next Mairah Carey of this generation. You will hear why as soon as you press the play button.

The name of this track is called "Right There" and features rapper Big Sean. The song samples Lil Kim's 1990's hit "Crush On You". Listen in below, you can also check out the track listing for the album.


1. “Honeymoon Avenue”  
2. “Baby I” 
3. “Right There” feat. Big Sean 
4. “Tattooed Heart” 
5. “Lovin’ It” 
6. “Piano” 
7. “Daydreamin’” 
8. “The Way” feat. Mac Miller 
9. “You’ll Never Know” 
10. “Almost Is Never Enough” feat. Nathan Sykes 
11. “Popular Song” feat. MIKA 
12. “Better Left Unsaid” 
13. “The Way” feat. Mac Miller [Spanglish Version]

The song kind of sounds very reminicant to "The Way"...which was a hit for her, so why switch it up? I also find it VERY interesting that she's being compaired to Mariah AND she has a song on her album called "Daydreamin'......I can't wait to see what that is all about! Are you feeling the song? Does she sound like the young Mariah Carey? Weigh in below.

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