DISCUSSION | Where Did Ciara Go Wrong?

I just felt the need to discuss miss Ciara's rapid decline in today's music industry. It's been a long and tough road for her and I don't think she's going to see the light a the end of the tunnel anytime soon and it's very unfortunate. She has bee in the game since 2004 as she erupted into our world with her "Goodies" and more.

Some say that it was her best album and era. Others argue that "Ciara: The Evolution" was her best. I feel that that's where she went wrong. "The Evolution"....somewhere within that evolution, she lost herself musically and hasn't been able to find it again. I just think that she's been lost since then. The fact that she turned down the public's request to be the princess of "Crunk n' B" is where she met her demise,

Just take a look at this for a second...

I bet you forgot she even did this didn't you? Ciara hasn't done anything CLOSE to this since then. I mean nothing. Not even "Ride" could compare, though she tried her best to make it compare. "Goodies" is what turned her into this break out star. People saw her as this hood chick, with a banging body and dance moves like no other hit the scene and loved her for it....but she didn't.

She hated it! She didn't like to be associated with the term "crunk". I have no clue why, but the public wanted her to be it, but she said NO! I want to be sexy and do pop....like the Beyonce's and Rihanna's of the world.  So you see after the whole goodies era, she switched over to this...

This was all fine and dandy, but this is where all of the confusion started. This CLEARLY wasn't the same Ciara we were introduced to. She lost some weight, got some enhancements done to make herself look a bit more sexier...would you agree? I mean she didn't even look the same as she did in the "Goodies" era. But it was all apart of her "Evolution"...

I remember her being met with criticism and a lot. The second album sold a lot better than the first, but it also made fans kind of scratch their heads because this wasn't crunk Ciara. Then came "Fantasy Ride" which flopped all over the charts and put Ciara's name in question. Followed by "Basic Instinct" and now the self titled "Ciara".

I say all of that to simply say that I believe had Ciara accepted the title of being the "Princess of Crunk n' B" then she would be one hell out an act to compete with. I've heard stories of her wanting to see the same success as Beyonce and Rihanna which is why she didn't want to associate herself with the term crunk. Beyonce and Rihanna doesn't so why should she?

So she did the whole "Love, Sex & Magic" thing, she did "Promise" and "Gimme Dat" and "Got Me Good"...those all were pop and R&B attempts, not crunk attempts. Crunk made her into the star and she turned her back on it. She tried to get it back with "Basic Instinct" but it was already to late. She left crunk alone back in 2005 and it was not coming back on her side. Had she embraced it and rolled with it, she could have owned it and made something big out of it because no one else was in that lane.

Everything was new. She was new, her look was new and her sound was new. She should have took it and nurtured it into her master plan to conquer the industry in her own way. Instead, she chose to be like others and become a "Pop" star and that is where she went wrong. She's not pop material in my eyes. She's from Atlanta and she should have stayed close to those crunk roots.

Out of all the videos I posted above, I think it's safe to say that "Goodies" is the most entertaining. Is it not? If not, I want you to tell me her most entertaining video and why.

Can she turn it around? I don't think so. She's had three flop albums in a row. I think it's time for her to try something new. I know everyone is entitled to one flop album...but not three. What can be done to save her? How can she become a hot piece in the industry again? Future isn't helping? How can she become as big as Rihanna and Beyonce like she desires? What is she doing wrong? Share your thoughts below.

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