Chris Brown Says "X" Will Be His Last Album, But We've Heard It All Before

I don't know what had Chris Brown down and out, but every time he is, he walks around saying that he's not putting out anymore albums...EVER. He said it last year in July before his album "Fortune" was released.

Now he's saying it again this year before the release of his album "X" which is due out in a few weeks. Today, he turned himself into the police for a hit and run case that has been chasing him for a few months now. He was released without bail 45 minutes later. Then he took to Twitter....

He Tweeted...

Home don’t feel like home. Too many vacant rooms. Don’t worry mainstream America, after this X album, it’ll probably be my last album.

Being famous is amazing when it’s for ur music and talent. I’m tired of being famous for a mistake I made when I was 18. I’m cool & over it!

Both of which have been deleted from his account....which means exactly what I said above. We've heard it all before. That boy isn't retiring from anything! Keep on lookin'!

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