Beyonce Chops Off Her Hair

Wow! Me and B was just talking about how he thought Beyonce should do something different to her hair and I was like no, her hair makes her! But I guess she heard him. She posted this pictures on her Instagram page debuting a new and short blonde hair cut.

The singer has had long blonde and brown locks since she debuted in 1996. She shortly died her hair black for a week or two but it didn't last long. This is the shortest her hair has ever been I don't like it! I'm all about  new looks and what not, but save it for Rihanna. I think Beyonce's hair helped make her who she is.

There wouldn't be any L'orel endorsements without the hair. All of the flinging and patting of the weaves. I guess that damn fan got the best of her that one night! But I'm not digging the cut. It's very Miley Cyrus-ish...but Miley pulls it off. Not for B! Hopefully it's a test wig. Lets see how long it will last. See more pictures below.

I bet it's a wig!!

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