B. Scott Talks BET Lawsuit With MSNBC; Compares Himself To Prince & Michael Jackson

B. Scott is making national headlines with his BET lawsuit. He's suing the network for $2.5 million in damages for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. Attorney Waukeen Mccoy has agreed to take his case.

The two of them appeared side by side on MSNBC a few nights ago and discussed the case and why B. Scott feels he should push forward with it. He then compared himself to Michael Jackson, Prince, and Grace Jones by saying he's not the first of his kind. Check it out below.

His words..

It’s really sad that people have to go through something like this in 2013 when we’ve seen all different types of personalities. I’m not the first of my kind. There has been Michael Jackson, Prince, Grace Jones and the list goes on. So this is really shocking to me.”

I support him dearly for pushing through with the lawsuit. Will he secure $2.5 million.....probably not. But how dare he compare himself to Prince and Michael Jackson. They are or were nothing like him. Neither of them came out as transgender.  B. Scott is a mess! Stop putting yourself on that perdastool because you're not there yet.

Maybe i misunderstood the context but yeah, that comment didn't sit to well with me. I get his message and all but honestly, I think the lawsuit is just a bit much. I wonder if this entire situation will help him and his career or will it hurt it? Do you think any other network will even think about hiring him after all this drama is over and done with. Who knows. but best of luck to you B.

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