Azealia Banks Comes For Lady Gaga

Apparently Azealia Banks is feeling some type of way about Lady Gaga. Several months ago, word got out that the two ladies we're supposed to be collaborating on music and what not called "Ratchet" along with Beyonce. Banks said they did, it happened....but whatever happened you won't hear it because Gaga dismissed the claims and stated that Banks will not be featured on her album.

She confirmed then news by calling into a U.K. radio station where she praised the Harlem rapper but said she will not be featured on "ARTPOP". So in typical Azealia fashion, she did the only thing that she knows how to do, start a Twitter war. Gaga tweeted a few promotional tweets about her upcoming iTunes headlining festival and Banks had a few words for her. Check out the action below.

The Interview

The Tweets

This was Gaga's response

Then Banks replied..

I just don't unerstand her. Her you're right. Your album "Broke With Expensive Taste"..."It's just ... Late." VERY LATE! How about instead of beefing with people on Twitter, you focus on that debut. Damn, I think your team needs to take over your account again.

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