ATTENTION CHICAGO | Speeding Cameras Are On!

Get ready speed racers. For those of you that are lead foot and are packed with road rage, the city of Chicago is about to get paid from you. First, the city deployed "Red Light" camera that are used to impact vehicles that run yellow lights turning yellow. The camera snaps photos of the licence plates of the car and a nice hefty ticket is sent in the mail weeks later. The highest earning revenue spot is reportedly Belmont & Lake Shore Drive as it earns $1.5 million in revenue on a yearly basis.

Now, get ready for the "Speeding" camera. They will be placed throughout the city of Chicago. A total of 300 camera will be deployed after the entire phase is finished. By the end of the year, at least 50 cameras are expected to be up and running. So far, 12 are up and ready for action today as we speak. After the break you can see a list of where they're set up. So beware, those tickets will come and haunt your life and possibly boot your car.

Where The Cameras Are Now:

- Garfield Park, 100 N. Central Park Ave.- Gompers Park, 4222 W. Foster Ave.- Washington Park, 5531 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive- Marquette Park, 6743 S. Kedzie Ave.- Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Humboldt Dr.- Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento- Curie High School, 4959 S. Archer Ave.- McKinley Park, 2210 W. Pershing Rd.- Jones High School, 606 S. State St.- Legion Park, 3100 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.- Abbott Park, 49 E. 95th St.- Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, 3857 W. 111th St.

Good thing I live in Berwyn!

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