WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 3

The R&B Divas of Los Angeles returned to TV One yesterday with an all new episode. Kelly Price, Claudette Ortiz, Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, Lil Mo and Michel'le all ditched LA to go to Las Vegas for some fun and relaxation.

The girls arrive and ended up attending a charity event called Broadway in the Hood to show their support. That's where the "drama" unfolded. Also the girls each took time to head to a wedding chapel to marry themselves while reciting vows and promises to one another. Check out the episode below.

So this episode was alright. I mean, I kind of feel that the lil "drama" that happened was forced. I don't think it was drama material. Who cares that Kelly didn't show, that's when you steal her thunder and take her shine!!  I think it was just something to play on.

I also still feel that I don't like her as the mediator of the group. How can she just sit and say "lets go to Vegas." Girl sit down, you're not running anything. I guess she's the biggest star of the group? I don't know why she;s in the center of it all.

Even when they confronted her about her absence, it was like "okay, I had auditions to go to." To me it just wasn't as big of a deal. I'm still waiting on something to pop off that will keep me interested in the show. the whole reciting vows segment was moving. I'll give them kudos for that, but the show as a whole is a tad bit stale. 
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