Timbaland Reveals Why New Aaliyah Singles Have Failed

Timbaland holds the key to new Aaliyah music seeing success and many of her fans agree. In an interview with Diddy's multi-platform entertainment channel Revolt, the producer made a few comments and share his thoughts on exactly why the songs released with her in them failed.

He talked about the Drake assisted "Enough Said" which was released online last year, and this year's release "They Don't Know" which is a single lifted from Chris Brown's newest effort "X" which hits stores next month. Peep the clip below.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and though many folks would agree with this statement, I must disagree. Just because a single fails doesn't mean "it didn't work". I liked both of the songs simply because I'm an Aaliyah fan. The songs didn't chart as high, or get massive airplay. but I still thought they were decent body's of work.

He speaks as if he's the only one that can craft a hit for her, when that's not entirely true. R. Kelly birthed her into the laid back R&B sensation that she was. Also, on the last album, Timbaland only produced three songs "We Need A Resolution", "More Than A Woman" & "I Care 4 U" all of which were amazing, but the songs didn't fare to well on the charts either. That's a clear indication that Aaliyah was moving onto a different sound, a different genre and era of music.

Not only that, body all of the work that he did on "One In A Million" didn't see much of the Hot 100 chart. Out of 6 singles, only 2 cracked that chart and they were "If Your Girl Only Knew" & "The One I Gave My Heart To"  which was NOT produced by Timbaland.

He gave Aaliyah her first and only Hot 100 #1 which was "Try Again". After that, her last and final top 10 song to chart was "Miss You" which was produced by Teddy Bishop. I say all of that to to simply make my point of him not being the Aaliyah hit maker he thinks that he is. I love the guy to death and he's a SICK producer, but for him to down play the new Aaliyah singles with Drake and Chris Brown becuase he didn't take part in their creations just pisses me off.

Instead of downplaying them, show the support. It's Aaliyah, your home girl, your baby girl. Try to help the song achieve success instead of being bitter about the production situation. GOSH!
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