TGT (Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese) Perfoms "I Need" on The Couch

Tank, Ginuwine & Tyrese...also known as TGT has been struggling to get their group off to a great start over the past few years and it looks as if they've finally done so. A few months ago saw the release of their first single "Sex Never Felt Better" which launched the start of their album "3 Kings".

"I Need" is the second single lifted from their album which is due out Aug. 20th. The trio recently performed the song on The Couch and was under heavy criticism due to Ginuwnie's constant twitching and Tyrese's mean mugs! The performance was rocky but the vocals were everything! Watch below.

The performance was a hot ass mess, but it sounded beautiful!! If you didn't SEE the visuals and only HEARD the vocals, you wouldn't have known that Ginuwine looked like her smoked some bad kush or you wouldn't have known that Tyrese was mean mugging. Vocally, their sound was amazing!
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