Rep Says Beyonce's Album Is NOT Delayed

Fans have been waiting and waiting on new music from Beyonce for god knows how long...myself included. Over the months, we received leaked songs, tracks from movies and a few features from her, but nothing from or FOR her actual album.

News also surfaced as producers like Diplo and Ne-Yo put in their two cents about the process saying that her records have been scrapped and that her team didn't know what direction they wanted to go in for the album.

Furthermore, an article released this week on Hip-Hop Hollywood suggests that her team scrapped over 50 songs for the new album and are starting over from scratch. Well, a representative for Beyonce releeased  a statement saying that ALL of those reports are false and an official press release will state the album release or delays if any. Check out the statement below.

A representative for Beyoncé categorically denied a new report in The Hollywood Reporter about supposed delays to the singer’s fifth studio album on Wednesday, telling The Huffington Post that an official release date had never been set. 
Beyoncé is recording music in the studio while completing her ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ world tour, the representative said in a phone call to HuffPost. A press rollout will accompany any official release date (and, if need be, any official delays).

So there you have it. I think it's safe to say that Beyonce WILL NOT release an album this year. Not even in November like people believe she is. Think about it,  she EXTENDED her Mrs. Carter world tour, she added dates in Latin American and in North America.

Also, she nor her team have yet to give a release date for her album. She actually has NEVER mentioned ANYTHING about a new album. That was the work of stans and fans, producers and bloggers. She hasn't given us any reason to believe that she dropping a new album.

I think people are just ready for it. It's been two years since "4lop" and people are ready for her to come and snatch wigs since she failed to do it with "4lop". It's also easy to believe that her team is unsure of the direction to take since each song we've heard has a completely different feel to them.

Shit, we might not get a new album until 2015 because I swear she said that she wants to have another baby right after she completes this tour. That's going to take about another 9 months to find a surrogate and inject her with Jay's sperm and have her carry the fetus.

In all seriousness, thaat just might be the case. If she does get pregnant, fans might as well hang it up and close the curtain.
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