Nene Leakes Being Sued By Wedding Planner

Nene Leakes has been served! Someone is coming for that lil ass wig of hers. It's about to be snatched with force once the dust is settled. The reality superstar has been slapped with a $1.5M lawsuit by wedding planner Tiffany Cook of Dream design Weddings.

That's apparently the balance due after she remarried Greg Leakes for her reality television show "I Dream of Nene" which is set to air on Bravo in September. Official court documents were filed and stamped yesterday. Check out the story below.

Nene reportedly advised Cook and company that her budget for the wedding was $1.8mil. After being given a deposit of $18,750, Cook claims that she didn’t receive another payment from Leakes, including the 15% charge for the total cost of the wedding, over $889k for design fees, and costs associated with flying from Florida to Georgia.
However, Nene denies all claims, saying that Cook was never in charge of her wedding, and she actually used another wedding planner by the name of Tony Conway.

She responded to the news via Twitter.

Girl, its hard to believe this when all of the documents are right here!! Get them coins together Nene!

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