Lady Gaga Releases New "ARTPOP" Promo Picture / New Single Titled "Applause"

The "ARTPOP" era is among us. Lady Gaga just unlocked a new promotional picture for her little monsters. She's nude again, this time sitting in a chair made up of computer motherboards and iPod nano chips.

Be ready for her return to radio. Aug. 19th will see the release of her new single "Applause". Following that she will perform the song live for the first time ever at the MTV VMAS. Then she is set to hit up the iTunes Music Festival in September with a custom built worth over $500,000.

Finally in November, The album will be released. You may have noticed that I said the title of her new single is called "Applause". Well, I got that information from photos that surfaced on the inter-web throughout the day. There were two to be exact.

This photo simply tells me that there is a video on the way....

Maybe this is the single artwork? Who knows. But one thing is for sure that she will probably be just as naked as she's ever been. We saw the V photo, the photo on the top of the post and below you can see a short leaked video of her...and you guessed it, she's naked.

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