JoJo Sues Blackground Records

JoJo still has some fight left in her. The singer has been struggling over the past few years with her label Blackground Records. The label filed for bankruptcy a few years back in an attempt to settle outstanding debuts. This was also the recording home for the late singer Aaliyah.

JoJo is suing the label in an attempt to get out of her contract which was supposed to be up in 2011, but the label refused to let her go. She has scrapped, singles, albums and music videos because of the label issues and have only been able to release mixtapes to the fans over the past few years.

Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque says in a lawsuit against Da Family Records and Blackground Records that under New York State law, minors cannot sign contracts that last more than seven years. 
JoJo, now 22, and her parents signed a contract with company subsidiaries in 2004 when she was 12 and has sold 5 million records. Therefore, she argues, her contract was up in March 2011.
Source: NY Daily News

Here's to hoping that she wins. This is a clear case of talent gone to waste. JoJo is an amazing singer and talent. The only reason why her career isn't flourish is because of the label. It's not her fault. She's been keeping us updated over the past few years about what's been going on, now it's come to this.

It's very clear that the label is struggling with funds becuase they are the ones who owns the rights to Aaliyah's music. You see we've heard mummerings about a new album from her, singles released with Drake and Chris Brown all in an effort to get some cash. With that being said, let the girl go so she can get singed with a label that will take good care of her!!

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