Ginuwine Says He Needed Eye Drops, Others Say He Popped Mollys

TGT laughed off the comments that they received today following their shaky performance on "The Couch" earlier today. The video has since went viral and Ginuwine was faced with all of the negative comments in regards to his awkward posture and constant twitching and tweaking in the chair.

In he past, he faced hard times with drug and substance abuse and many are fearing that he may have relapsed after seeing the performance. People said he was high, popped a few mollys before the performance and other crazy things.

But if you let Tank and Tyese tell the story, they all simple needs to rehearse and someone needs to willingly sing back up since they're a group now. Ginuwine's excuse for the odd behavior was that he needed eye drops for early morning performances. Check out the tweets below.

Tank's response!

Tyrese's Responses

Ginuwine's responses

What do you think? Was he on a few molly's or did he simply need eye drops?

Here's the perfromance if you missed it.

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