FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Posh Life"

After the new TLC album was announced yesterday, it was revealed that Lady Gaga contributed to the new project. She co-wrote a song with producer and songwriter Dallas Austin called "Posh Life". The song is intended and will be featured on the upcoming Greatest Hits album.

She also cut a demo for the song and it made it's way online yesterday. So no, it's not a single from "ARTPOP" nor is it hers, it's simply a demo and I thought you little monsters would appreciate some fresh gaga music. Listen to it below. It's pretty solid.

Is it weird that I can understand who will sing what? Listening to this demo, I can pinpoint when T-Boz will sing and the same with Chilli. There's no rap featured in this track so I'm assuming one will be written for Lil Mama so that she can contribute. But it does sound nice! What do you think about the track?

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