FRESH MUSIC | Beyonce - "Standing On The Sun" [SOS Reggae Mix]

I find it crazy that we still haven't been graced with the full version of the song but here we have a reggae mix of the tune. Beyonce has been known for teasing her fans as of late with the hopes of new music. So today we were blessed by Beysus with a mix of "Standing On The Sun".

The track was used in her H&M commercial campaign also in a new L'orel commercial. She also performed it once during the Mrs. Carter world tour. This reggae mix features the singer exploring a newly found reggae tone and sound with a bit of ratchet rap. Listen to the tune below.

This is hot!! But I'd still prefer the original! Can someone find it for me and link me PLEASE! i need a CDQ version like ASAP!

Here's a demo version of the song. This is as official as it will get until we see an actual release! Thanks Zion!!

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