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Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here  today to discuss who many of you to be an icon. And that is Beyonce. This woman one of the most recognizable talents in the industry today, shes been in the game for over 15 years and has sold millions of records worldwide.

Post, Destiny's Child, over the course of her career, she's released four studio albums. "Dangerously In Love", "B'Day", "I Am...Sasha Fierce" and "4lop""4". All of which have topped the Billboard albums chart and all are now certified platinum in the record books.

My question to you is which one of these bodies of work is her most iconic? Which was did she give you life on? Each of these albums were met with mix reviews, each of them scored tons of Grammy nominations and they've all received supporting world tours.

Below, we're going to dive into each album and review some of it's hits and misses and I want to know which one of these that you lived for! Lets get to it!

First up, we have "Dangerously In Love". This was her first solo album apart of Destiny's Child and some of you stans argue that this is her best body of work to date. This album debuted at #1 on Billboard's 200 Albums chart with 317,000 copies in it's first week of release. It also spawned two #1 singles on the Hot 100 which were "Crazy In Love" & "Baby Boy". Her streak didn't end there as she notched two more top ten songs which were "Me Myself & I" and "Naughty Girl".

To support the album, she embarked on a European tour called the "Dangerously In Love" tour. It was released to DVD and CD format which are both now platinum certified. Shortly after the release of that album, saw Destiny's Child reform, release a last album along with a compilation album. That featured Beyonce's solo performance of "Check On It" which climbed all the way to the #1 spot on the Hot 100 chart.

I think this was a great era for her. It established who she was as an artist. She got her first taste of solo success and everyone knew from then on out she was going to be this huge star...with Michelle and Kelly. The album opened doors for her, major endorsements with L'orel, movie roles and more. The album it's self was great from start to finish. It was a true R&B album which saw her stay close to her Destiny's Child roots. I don't think there was a song on there that I skipped, I liked every track.

Next on the list is "B'Day". This was her second effort as a solo artist and this album made it clear that Destiny's Child was no more. This album debuted at #1 with 541,000 copies sold during the first seek. That was major growth in numbers from the previous release. She bragged that the album was done in two weeks (the material showed) and that she was inspired by Deena (her character from Dreamgirls) to write songs that showcased how she felt.

The album spawned only one #1 which was "Irreplaceable". It was #1 for 10 consecutive weeks. The first two single "Déjà Vu" and "Ring the Alarm" didn't quite catch on. People were sure that she was going to suffer the sophomore slump. But she proved them wrong. "Irreplaceable" carried the album and propelled her to international super-stardom. The song was a hit worldwide. This song along with the Dreamgirls movie is what I think made her into "BEYONCE" the huge star that everyone just so happen to become interested in.

It's also around the time where her song writing credentials were blasted after Ne-Yo went around telling the world that HE wrote the song for a country artist. Beyonce stated in countless of interviews and concerts that she wrote the song for the men and women who couldn't overcome relationship obstacles. Ne-Yo wasn't having it. Every since then, she's been plagued with "stealing" and "borrowing" ideas, songs, concepts and what not.

The album was met with a release that included 5 new tracks and a video anthology album. This was when I heard that people were getting sick and tired of her. People were saying that she's shoving herself down the worlds throats. She was EVERYWHERE. She had a video for each and ever song on her album, she due-ted with Shakira which heightened her Latin fan base.

All in all, this is my LEAST favorite Beyonce album. For one, I hated it becase it only had 10 songs on there, and I didn't like all 10. I despise "Ring the Alarm". I just think that sound was soooo tacky, along with the late and delayed performance she gave at the MTV awards. I hated "Suga Mama". It was a stupid track. I would listen to it just because it's Beyonce, but I hated it. You better believe it's not on my iPod and "Green Light" grew on me. The rest of the songs,  was able to tolerate.

"I Am...Sasha Fierce" was her third solo release. It opened with 482,000 units sold in it's first week. During this album's release, it was evident that she was attempting to make her mark on the music world yet again. She released this as a duel disc using her alter ego Sasha Fierce was ammunition. Some said that she stole...or "borrowed" this idea from Ciara because she intended on releasing a three disc album which showcased R&B, Dance and Pop. That album became what we know as "Fantasy Ride" which sank deeper than the Titanic.

Anywho, dispite the DRASTIC promotional efforts for this album, it only manged to score one measly #1 song, and that was for "Single Ladies". It was the first of NINE singles and the only one to reach the top spot. Other singles like "If I Were A Boy", "Halo", "Sweet Dreams" made it to the top 10. Even Lady Gaga tried to assist it with the "Video Phone" remix but that tragically failed. She also did a heavy world tour which was one of the highest grossing events for that year.

This album goes down as my FAVORITE album and era by Beyonce. I loved the concept and the music! It just all made since and it went on for so long. She released 9 damn singles. The album took her for a two year ride and I lived for it. She had me patting my weave and stroking my ego. I liked both sides of the album, could listen from start to finish without a problem....with exception of one song.. "Radio". I HATE that FUCK out of that song. I don't even see how it managed to make it out of someone's brain cells and on paper.

Lastly we have "4lop" "4". This was Beyonce's lowest selling album and was the start of what many believed to be was her downfall as a solo artist. The album opened with 310,000 units sold in the first week. Fans argue that it was due to the album leaking online several weeks before it's actual release. Fans were eager for her return and were excited to see and hear what she'd been working on. Footage and audio of her rehearsals for video shoot for "Run the World (Girls)" hit the net and people started to look at her sideways.

Fans were confused and did't understand what the hell she was doing. The song was released and peaked at #29 on the charts. The video was released and people loved it. The dancing, the all female army and the jazz...but no one really liked the damn song. People felt it wasn't for her. Rihanna or Willow should have snatched the song. It is what many believe was a failed attempt to get back into the top spot with such noisy beats and off the wall lyrics.

Then she went on to do things that people never saw her do, like perform on American Idol, fired her father as her manager and more. A lot of people feel that's why "4lop" "4" under performed because he wasn't there to pay off Billboard, or the Grammys..I've heard it all. The next singles were "Best Thing I Never Had", "Party", "Love On Top", "Countdown" & "End of Time". People argue that "End of Time" should have been the first single to get the ball rolling...and I agree.

This album as a whole was pretty solid. It will be marked as my second favorite Beyonce album. thought poorly promoted, it is a solid piece of work. It was not what I expected from her as a follow up to "I Am..." but it grew on me.

I've spoken, now it's your turn. Which of this albums did it for you? Which one made you fall in love with Beyonce? Which one do you hate with a passion? I  want to know it all. Vote and share your comments below!

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