ASK DIMP | Why Are You Not Covering The Trayvon Martin Story?

Loyal reader Tevin writes...

Hey Dimp, I read your blog a lot and I couldn't help but notice that you are not covering the Trayvon Martin story like everyone else. Why is that? Do you not care that a movement is trying to be started? Do you not care for blacks? Or do you simply don't give a flying fuck? 
I know you love Beyonce and I saw that she was at one of the rallies and you didn't even post on that. Why? I think you should because even though it's not tied into music, it's still a news worthy story. Maybe this piece of shit blog can get some hits! 
-Signed Tevin

My answer below....

Well Tevin, thanks for reading my piece of shit blog and thanks for the question. To simply answer it, I will say that I'm not covering it because EVERYONE already is. I did a story about it last year in March. I spoke on it once, there's no need for me to do it again.

I mean it's a touchy subject and story, but I don't see the need of putting it here when it's all over the news, on every channel, in every newspaper and on every's pointless to talk about on my end when you have several other ways of getting the story..

Keep on lookin'!
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