Katy Perry's New Single "Roar" Will Drop Aug. 9th?

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Don't get excited just yet, because this has not been confirmed. But apparently, Katy Perry is getting a head start in front of Lady Gaga with releasing her single and new album. A few days ago, I reported that "Prism" will be released on October 22nd and serves as the follow up to her 2010 record breaking album "Teenage Dream".

Well now, a supposedly "mocked" and fan created press release hit the web and revealed that the new single is called "Roar" and will hit radio stations Aug. 9th, then iTunes Aug. 13th. Her label has since dismissed the press release. So nothing is concrete just yet. But hell, it could be true being that producer Dr. Luke hinted the title on twitter saying that the single begins with an "R".

JoJo Sues Blackground Records

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JoJo still has some fight left in her. The singer has been struggling over the past few years with her label Blackground Records. The label filed for bankruptcy a few years back in an attempt to settle outstanding debuts. This was also the recording home for the late singer Aaliyah.

JoJo is suing the label in an attempt to get out of her contract which was supposed to be up in 2011, but the label refused to let her go. She has scrapped, singles, albums and music videos because of the label issues and have only been able to release mixtapes to the fans over the past few years.

Ariana Grande Releases Pedophilesh "Yours Truly" Album Cover

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New comer Ariana Grande just released the cover for her debut album "Yours Truly" which is due out next month. The 20 year old sits on a pile of pink roses, in a short and skimpy Victoria's Secret lingerie, with some thigh high stockings on looking like a straight porn star, with a 10 year old face.

I'm not a fan...Clearly, she's doing things that's WELL above her age range. I mean, I wouldn't have an issue with any of it if she didn't look like she was 10. At least Britney Spears looked older when she filmed "Oops I Did It Again"...but this is the kind of shit that will get niggas arrested!

Kelly Rowland Covers "Essence": Talks Beyonce, "Dirty Laundry" & More

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Kelly Rowland is gracing the September issue of Essence magazine. This is her very FIRST cover with the magazine giant, but she has graced it with Destiny's Child in the past. We know who those were centered around though.

But in this issue, the spot light is on Kelly and she continues to air out her "Dirty Laundry". She discussed why she's not afraid to speak out now, the feelings she had for Beyonce and being beautiful in the skin she's in. Check out a few excerpts below and a behind the scenes look at the shoot.

PHOTO OF THE DAY | Tamar Braxton & Baby Logan

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Here is your fist look at Tamar Braxton's baby boy Logan. She revealed the first baby pictures via US Weekly magazine and also was featured on Good Morning America where she was being brutally honest about not connecting with the baby shortly after birth.

More of that and photos of the family, including Vince will be in the magazine. Below you can check out her interview with ABC's Good Morning America. She says now that she's happier than she's ever been.

Beyonce Tributes Detroit, Aaliyah, & More With Performance + Z Magazine Cover

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"A Change Is Gonna Come", lets hope that is the case with the city of Detroit. It recently filed for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy as it has a deficit for more than $20 million. That is the most in the history of the United States.

Feeling the pain of the city, Beyonce gave a special performance during her stop there and did a cover of the famous Sam Cooke song. As she sang, clips & pictures of Detroit natives and Motown legends surfaced like Aaliyah, Eminem, The Jackson 5 and more. Check out the official performance below.

WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episode 15

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The season continues as last night delivered a new episode of The Game on BET. This time, the show centered around Kiera and Blue off and on relationship. We saw them break up and make up over the course of the season, and this time, it looks like it's a final make up.

Also, we see Chardonnay leave Jason because she's worried that he will get seriously injured while continuing to play football. He had a choice between the sport or his wife. He chose the sport and she left. The show ended with her moving to Tasha's. Check it out below.

FRESH MUSIC | Big Sean - "Fire"

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Thanks to a reader for sending this in. Rapper Big Sean has dropped a new single from his upcoming album "Hall of Fame" which is due out on Aug 23rd. The track is called "Fire" and it is just that.

He raps about his come up and shouts out his mom, dad and represents for his hometown. Listen to his bars below.

WHATEVER | Asking 100 Girls For Sex

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If Your Favorite Rapper Had A Cereal Brand....

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I spotted this over over at This Goes In and thought it was pretty cool. If your favorite rapper had endorsed a cereal brand, what might the name of it be? Well thanks to the people over at Rappers & Cereal, they made it happen.

Above, you see Kayne West and his "Kanye Chex" cereal. Of  course the images aren't real, they were put together but are still pretty cool. Check out some others below. Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Drake, Lupe and more all make appearances

Ashanti Announces Album Delay On It's Release Date

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Last week, I told yall that Ashanti SILENTLY pushed back her seriously delayed album "BraveHeart" til September. No one knew a thing or believed it, until today. The singer took to her Instagram account to announce that her album will not be released on it's release date, which was today.

Just tacky! She went on to say "Hey y'all! So Braveheart is NOT coming out today we have clearances & legalities to take of... It costs to be the boss!!! This CEO sh#t is Not A Game! Lol looking like September."

Katy Perry Covers "Elle" / Announces New Album Via Golden 18 Wheeler Truck

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Not only is Lady Gaga making a return to the music scene, but pop kween Katy Perry is doing the exact same. The singer is gracing the cover of the latest issue of Elle magazine which hits stands next month.

Also, her album title and release date was announced today via a golden 18 wheeled truck in downtown Los Angeles. The album is called "Prisim" and is the follow up to her critically acclaimed "Teenage Dream". It's due out Oct. 22nd. With that being said, a single should be on the way VERY soon!

Did Keyshia Cole Get The Smack Down By Daniel? [UPDATED]

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[Update via TMZ]
It was NOT Keyshia Cole..thank heavens!

1:08 PM PT -- Police have just released additional details about Gibson's arrest, saying he is accused of punching some guy at a nightclub on July 8th, breaking his jaw. Law enforcement says the fight apparently started with a verbal argument. According to police, Gibson was booked on 2nd degree battery and later bonded out.

11:42 AM PT -- "Boobie" Gibson issued a statement to TMZ ... confirming he turned himself in to authorities earlier today. Additionally, Gibson tells us ... "Earlier this month during the Essence Music Festival, I was involved in an incident with other individuals while I was out with my wife."

He continues, "It's unfortunate that some see opportunity in taking advantage of people who work hard for what they have achieved." Gibson says he takes pride in being a role model for his son and other kids who look up to him -- and adds, "Once all the facts of the incident come out, I expect to be fully vindicated."

Natalia Kills Releases "Trouble" Album Cover

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Mark your calenders. September 3rd is when "Trouble" will break loose. It is the sophomore album from the dark starlet Natalia Kills. So far, she's released the singles "Problem" and "Saturday Night" respectively. Above is it's official album art work and it's very pink and pretty! I love it!

The follow up to her debut album "Perfectionist" is set to feature nearly 13 tracks and so far is rumored to include one feature which is rapper Angel Haze. She is signed to Interscope Records and is on Cherrytree's label. Peep her latest video for "Saturday Night" below.

ASK DIMP | Why Do You Continue To Blog When You Don't Receive Comments?

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An anonymous reader writes...

Good afternoon Dimp. I don't come to you blog often because it's not hot! It's not popping and it's kind of dull...well, it used to LOOK dull but now I see that you've spruced it up a bit. It's starting to look like an actual source for news. I also saw that you were welcoming questions that you would openly respond to, so I thought I'd send one your way. 
Why do you continue to blog almost every day when you don't get any love in the comments? Most of all of your posts have big fat ZEROS on them but you still post away. Doesn't it feel like a waste of time if you're not getting comments? I would have been stopped if it were me. 
-Singed Anonymous

My answer below....

FRESH MUSIC | R. Kelly - "My Story" (feat. 2 Chainz)

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Fresh off his high profile performance on the BET Awards last month, R. Kelly returns with his first offering from the upcoming album "Black Panties" which is due out later this Summer. The single features 2 Chainz and is called "My Story".

The Chicagoan speaks about his come up from nothing and sleeping in the dirt until he found fame and fortune with his voice. He was pretty much telling his story about the lavish lifestyle that he lives now. Give the track a go below.

WATCH | The Real: Wednesday's Episode (7/24/13)

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Unfortunately for us in the windy city, we don't have the privilege of watching "The Real" on our local television stations. We unfortunately have to settle for minute long clips on the official Youtube Page or simply wait until they decide to upload a full blown episode.

Well, we were lucky enough to see the premiere. If you didn't see it watch it here. Now we're blessed with an episode that aird on Wednesday, July 24, 2013. Here the hosts Tamera Mowry-Housely, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Balon, Lonni Love and Jeanie Mai dish on interracial relationships, baby mama drama, bacon and more. Check it out below.

Beyonce Snatches Iggy Azalea For Australian Tour

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This is big time news for upcoming rapper Iggy Azalea. She has enlisted in the "Mrs. Carter Show" world tour. She will support Beyonce on the Australian leg of her chaotic tour. We've seen her recently open for Rita Ora during her tour in the states.

She's been putting the finishing touches on her debut album "The New Classic" which is set to hit stores in September. The rapper expressed her excited about the news revealing it on Twitter earlier tonight. Check out the news below.

Lady Gaga Reveals "Applause" Single Cover

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Consider your wigs snatched! Lady Gaga just unveiled the official cover for highly anticipated single "Applause". She wrote the song along with DJ White Shadow. It will be the first offering from her upcoming album"ARTPOP" which is due out November 11th. The single will be released on Aug. 19th and the album will also be available for pre-order.

Following it's release, she will storm the stage of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. She will perform the song live for the first time. The image for the cover above was captured by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. She also gave some details about the single. Peep them below.

Lady Gaga Announces "Applause" Single & Album Pre-Order

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Lady Gaga just officially announced the title of her new single "Applause" via Twitter. The global star will debut the single on Aug 10th and her album "ARTPOP" will follow in November. The release of the single is highly anticipated and her little monsters are devouring every little thing that she releases.

She tweeted the above photo along with a message that read Due to public anticipation ITUNES will now offer preorder for ARTPOP album/app AUG 19 the same day you can purchase my new single 'Applause'. Goo goo for Gaga!

DISCUSSION | Beyonce's Most Iconic Era

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Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here  today to discuss who many of you to be an icon. And that is Beyonce. This woman one of the most recognizable talents in the industry today, shes been in the game for over 15 years and has sold millions of records worldwide.

Post, Destiny's Child, over the course of her career, she's released four studio albums. "Dangerously In Love", "B'Day", "I Am...Sasha Fierce" and "4lop""4". All of which have topped the Billboard albums chart and all are now certified platinum in the record books.

My question to you is which one of these bodies of work is her most iconic? Which was did she give you life on? Each of these albums were met with mix reviews, each of them scored tons of Grammy nominations and they've all received supporting world tours.

HBO To Premiere Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film"

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Clearly, Jay-Z is changing the rules of the music game. Normally, one doesn't go platinum before the album is actually released, nor is an album released before an actual single or video drops. Leave it to him to change the because he's done quite the opposite.

"Magna Carta Holy Grail" has so far sold a stunning 1,657,000 copies, that's including Samsung's one million given to owners of their devices. All of which was done without promotion. There are still technically no singles for the project, however we are being treated to a "Picasso Baby" project.

It's not a video, but a performance art film which features Jay at the Pace Art Gallery in New York. He's performing, laughing and mingling with fans, artists, sculptors, teachers and more. The project will premiere on August 2nd at 11pm. Peep the preview below.

Nene Leakes Being Sued By Wedding Planner

Nene Leakes has been served! Someone is coming for that lil ass wig of hers. It's about to be snatched with force once the dust is settled. The reality superstar has been slapped with a $1.5M lawsuit by wedding planner Tiffany Cook of Dream design Weddings.

That's apparently the balance due after she remarried Greg Leakes for her reality television show "I Dream of Nene" which is set to air on Bravo in September. Official court documents were filed and stamped yesterday. Check out the story below.

Lady Gaga Releases New "ARTPOP" Promo Picture / New Single Titled "Applause"

The "ARTPOP" era is among us. Lady Gaga just unlocked a new promotional picture for her little monsters. She's nude again, this time sitting in a chair made up of computer motherboards and iPod nano chips.

Be ready for her return to radio. Aug. 19th will see the release of her new single "Applause". Following that she will perform the song live for the first time ever at the MTV VMAS. Then she is set to hit up the iTunes Music Festival in September with a custom built worth over $500,000.

Finally in November, The album will be released. You may have noticed that I said the title of her new single is called "Applause". Well, I got that information from photos that surfaced on the inter-web throughout the day. There were two to be exact.

DISCUSSION | Who's Your Vocal Bible?

The term "vocal bible" is one that is used loosely these days. The girls like to toss shade and deem their "fav" the vocal bible. For those of you that don't know what a "vocal bible" is, it's simply the answer to god's call for having the best singing voice of all time. A number of singers have been associated with it. Like Beyonce, Brandy, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis and countless of others.

Below, we're going to venture through some of what I think are these women's best vocal performances, dissect them and their careers, and have you all take a vote on who's the vocal bible throughtout these decades of music. Now people hate comparing success among these girls due to different times and decades, but vocally, there's no shame or shade! Lets get into it below.

Khia Goes In On Beyonce, Ciara, Ashanti, Love & Hip-Hop Cast & More

Now, this woman is just quite the comedian! The girl is funny as shit!! A few years ago, I posted about her roast from A to Z. Apparently she did it last year and just uploaded a new one this year. They're called "4th of July Vlog". It's a segment where she starts from letter A and go all the way to Z and talk about celebrities.

She calls out them and their doings over the past year, rumors and all. She went in on Beyonce saying that she needs to stop stealing people's thought and ideas and that she looked like she was covered in dirt during her Flaunt magazine shoot. It's a full 48 minutes but it is so damn funny! Last time I watched it she had a ton of papers, this time she has a iPad. Watch it below.

Miley Cyrus Goes Nude For Marc Jacobs

How far do you think you will go in public with this shirt on your back before you're told to exit a public place? Miley Cyrus poses nude on the front of the Marc Jacobs t-shirt with the letters covering her breasts and her hands covering her clit. Very similar to Lady Gaga's clit cover up.

But it's all for a good cause. It's for the "Protect The Skin You're In" campaign which is aimed at raising awareness and funds for melanoma research. The shirts can be purchased at stores around the country for only $35 and proceeds will go directly to NYU Cancer Institute and NYU Langone Medical Center.

FRESH MUSIC | Lady Gaga - "Posh Life"

After the new TLC album was announced yesterday, it was revealed that Lady Gaga contributed to the new project. She co-wrote a song with producer and songwriter Dallas Austin called "Posh Life". The song is intended and will be featured on the upcoming Greatest Hits album.

She also cut a demo for the song and it made it's way online yesterday. So no, it's not a single from "ARTPOP" nor is it hers, it's simply a demo and I thought you little monsters would appreciate some fresh gaga music. Listen to it below. It's pretty solid.

Mary J. Blige Prepares Christmas Album

Just when you think one has done it all, Mary J. Blige slaps us with yet another career first for her. The singer is planning on releasing a full fledge Christmas album. The project is titled "A Mary Christmas" and will see a release in October.

She is set to bring pure R&B/Soul to the Christmas world, lets just hope it doesn't get too ratchet. I don't want to see titles like "Krypt Walkin' Around The X-Mas Tree". Ain't nobody got time for that! What titles to you think she will have on the album or what would you like to hear her cover?

Chris Brown Does "Blank" Magazine

As he prepares for his "X" album release, the promotion has begun. The Chris Brown has landed on the cover of "Blank" magazine along with a full spread within it. He rocks a Dolce & Gabana tuxedo with an undone tie with a Rolex watch.

From "X", expect to see contributions from Rihanna, Aaliyah, Nicki Minaj, Diplo Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar and a lot more. It's expected to be released on August 20th with "Fine China", "They Don't Know" and "Love More" being the first three singles. Check out more pics from the shoot below.

FRESH MUSIC | Chante Moore - "Talking In My Sleep" + Album Track List

Chante Moore is gearing up for the release of her new album "Moore is More". The album is described as a chronology of her life. It's where she's at physically and mentally. It's composed of R&B, Soul, Jazz and Gospel. The lead single is called "Talking In My Sleep".

Today, she unveiled the track list for the project. It consists of 10 songs, one of which features Da Brat and a handful of producers and songwriters. Currently you can catch the diva on R&B Divas L.A. which airs on TV One. Check out the song and the track list below.

Lil Kim Announces "Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz" Mixtape

Lil Kim wants to take you back in time....well to 1996 at least. The rapper announced her new mixtape via Twitter today and it's titled "Hard Core: Back 2 Da Streetz". Included with announcement and posting the cover on the social networking website, she said..

#HARDCOREMIXTAPE BACK 2 DA STREETZ #TeamLilKim I love all my fans!!!!! ❤❤❤". If you're a fan of the self proclaimed "Queen B", then you would know that the artwork and the title above looks familiar.

TLC To Release New Album In October / Lil Mama Replaces Left Eye

After news soared yesterday about the release of the upcoming biopic that's being delivered by VH1, fans went wild. We learned that the highly anticipated TV-Movie will make it's debut in October and will feature young starlets Keke Palmer, Drew Sidora and Lil Mama portraying TLC.

That was only part of the news, the second shocker was that an album is also being released. It will be the first in over 10 years and will feature a collection of their biggest hits as a group, plus 4 brand new original tracks . Expect to see features and collaborations from Ne-Yo, Lady Gaga, and Dallas Austin. The album will be delivered by L.A. Ried's Epic Records.

Lastly, news that didn't sit too well with some fans was that Lil Mama, who plays Left Eye in the film, will be featured on some of the new material from the upcoming album and she will perform with the girls tomorrow for their reunion performance at the Mixtape Festival at Hershey Park Stadium. Check out the official press release below.

Timbaland Apologizes To Chris Brown Over Aaliyah Remarks

A few days ago, an interview was releeased with Timbaland talking with music television's Revolt and in it he practically dissed Chris Brown and Drake's attempts at working with the legendary Aaliyah on a few new tracks.

He insisted that he's her music's soul-mate and without him, no single will ever work. He was met with negative comments and opinions about his words and was forced to publicly apologize to the singer. He did so via Twitter. Check out the tweets below.

Lady Gaga To Perform New Single At MTV VMA

Lady Gaga will stomp and triumph over anyone that stands in her way during this "ARTPOP" era. The singer has just been announced as a performer for this year's MTV Video Music Awards ceremony that will take place later this summer.

Live from Brooklyn, on August 25th, she will storm the stage to deliver the first live performance of her untitled single. That alone will debut on August 19th and her album is set to drop on November 11, just in time for the holidays. Go goo goo for Gaga!!

VH1 Releases "CrazySexyCool" Trailer [TLC Biopic]

This was done rather quickly. For you TLC fans out there, get ready for the release of their biopic which stars Drew Sidora, Keke Palmer, and Lil Mama as T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye. The girls take on the roles which tells the story of the biggest selling R&B female group of all time. (Looks at Destiny's Child).

Today VH1 has officially unlocked a two minute trailer for us to see and the film will hit stations across the country in October. We see recreations of hit videos like "Waterfalls", "No Scrubs" and also big tours and performances. It is also said to feature the tragic death of Left Eye but that's not in the official trailer. Check it out below.

Ashanti SILENTLY Pushes Back "BraveHeart" To September

If you feel like you've been waiting decades for this girl to drop her album....then you have. The first single was released in 2011, nearly two years ago and the album has seen push back, after push back, after push back.

Ashanti has silently pushed back her album "BraveHeart" to September. The last known date for its release was July 30th which would have been this coming Tuesday. Now according to Amazon, the album will be availble on 9/3/13.

But then again on Best Buy's website it's listed to be released on 9/10/13. Whatever the case, we know that it will be released in September and not this coming Tuesday. Sorry fans and stans. You all will have to wait another month.

WATCH | R&B Divas LA: Season 1, Episode 3

The R&B Divas of Los Angeles returned to TV One yesterday with an all new episode. Kelly Price, Claudette Ortiz, Chante Moore, Dawn Robinson, Lil Mo and Michel'le all ditched LA to go to Las Vegas for some fun and relaxation.

The girls arrive and ended up attending a charity event called Broadway in the Hood to show their support. That's where the "drama" unfolded. Also the girls each took time to head to a wedding chapel to marry themselves while reciting vows and promises to one another. Check out the episode below.

Rep Says Beyonce's Album Is NOT Delayed

Fans have been waiting and waiting on new music from Beyonce for god knows how long...myself included. Over the months, we received leaked songs, tracks from movies and a few features from her, but nothing from or FOR her actual album.

News also surfaced as producers like Diplo and Ne-Yo put in their two cents about the process saying that her records have been scrapped and that her team didn't know what direction they wanted to go in for the album.

Furthermore, an article released this week on Hip-Hop Hollywood suggests that her team scrapped over 50 songs for the new album and are starting over from scratch. Well, a representative for Beyonce releeased  a statement saying that ALL of those reports are false and an official press release will state the album release or delays if any. Check out the statement below.

NEW VIDEO | Busta Rhymes - "#TwerkIt" (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Ever wanted to see Nicki Minaj twerk it? Well, she did just that in the new Busta Rhymes video. The song is called "#TwerkIt" and it features the rapper dropping a verse, but not her drawz. She kept on a very tight pair of denim jeans while she was cutting loose.

The track was produced by Pharrell and will be featured on Busta's album "E.L.E. 2" which is the follow up to his 1998 album "E.L.E." The beat is sick, Pharrell makes an appearance and the rest is history. Check out them thangz below.

WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episode 14

Last night saw a new episode of The Game on the BET network. As the story progresses, so does Jason's concussion and memory loss. Chardonnay confronts him on it but his simply dismisses her concerns. Malik geared up for his star-studded photo shoot for his new brand while Blue & Kiera continue to nick pick.

Ciara guest stars in this episode as she reprises her appearance as Blue's date to the photo shoot which in turns severs her and Kiera's friendship. Lastly, Tasha helps Rick finds out what he wants to do in life and you wont believe what he came up with. Check out the episode below.

Ginuwine Didn't Pop A Molly, But A 5 Hour Energy Drink

Following their promotional stints across the country, Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank or TGT was met with wacky comments about their performance on The Couch.

Ginuwine first set the record straight on Twitter, now he's done so on camera. He stated that "It wasn't no damn molly!" Check out the clip below.

FRESH MUSIC | Beyonce - "Standing On The Sun" [SOS Reggae Mix]

I find it crazy that we still haven't been graced with the full version of the song but here we have a reggae mix of the tune. Beyonce has been known for teasing her fans as of late with the hopes of new music. So today we were blessed by Beysus with a mix of "Standing On The Sun".

The track was used in her H&M commercial campaign also in a new L'orel commercial. She also performed it once during the Mrs. Carter world tour. This reggae mix features the singer exploring a newly found reggae tone and sound with a bit of ratchet rap. Listen to the tune below.


PHOTO OF THE DAY | Look Out Blue Ivy & North West, True Royalty Has Arrived

Prince William and the Dutchess of Cambridge have welcomed a healthy baby boy to the world!

FRESH MUSIC | Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" (feat. 2 Chainz)

"Talk Dirty" is the second single lifted from Jason Derulo's upcoming third album titled "Tattoos" which is due out in Sept. The song features rapper 2 Chainz and is the follow up to his hit "The Other Side" which was about his lover girl Jordin Sparks. The song is very horn driven with a catchy hook. It was very different for him.

 He said: “I’m really excited about the single. It has a feature and I’ve never done that before,” said Jason. “It’s just a shocking song. When you hear it, you’ll know what I’m talking about. People will be thinking, ‘Hmm, really?!’ It’s very out there, but it was so fun.” Give it a go below.

Timbaland Reveals Why New Aaliyah Singles Have Failed

Timbaland holds the key to new Aaliyah music seeing success and many of her fans agree. In an interview with Diddy's multi-platform entertainment channel Revolt, the producer made a few comments and share his thoughts on exactly why the songs released with her in them failed.

He talked about the Drake assisted "Enough Said" which was released online last year, and this year's release "They Don't Know" which is a single lifted from Chris Brown's newest effort "X" which hits stores next month. Peep the clip below.

ASK DIMP | Why Are You Not Covering The Trayvon Martin Story?

Loyal reader Tevin writes...

Hey Dimp, I read your blog a lot and I couldn't help but notice that you are not covering the Trayvon Martin story like everyone else. Why is that? Do you not care that a movement is trying to be started? Do you not care for blacks? Or do you simply don't give a flying fuck? 
I know you love Beyonce and I saw that she was at one of the rallies and you didn't even post on that. Why? I think you should because even though it's not tied into music, it's still a news worthy story. Maybe this piece of shit blog can get some hits! 
-Signed Tevin

My answer below....

Ginuwine Says He Needed Eye Drops, Others Say He Popped Mollys

TGT laughed off the comments that they received today following their shaky performance on "The Couch" earlier today. The video has since went viral and Ginuwine was faced with all of the negative comments in regards to his awkward posture and constant twitching and tweaking in the chair.

In he past, he faced hard times with drug and substance abuse and many are fearing that he may have relapsed after seeing the performance. People said he was high, popped a few mollys before the performance and other crazy things.

But if you let Tank and Tyese tell the story, they all simple needs to rehearse and someone needs to willingly sing back up since they're a group now. Ginuwine's excuse for the odd behavior was that he needed eye drops for early morning performances. Check out the tweets below.

FRESH MUSIC | Avril Lavigne - "Rock N Roll"

The self proclaimed mothafuckin' princess has unleashed her second single out to the world. The follow up to her hit "Here's To Never Growing Up" comes in the same rock, heavy guitar format. Only this one has a rifted guitar solo.

The track is called "Rock N Roll"...no not Roc n' Roe, dem babies belong to Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. The anthem was produced by Max Martin and co-written by Avril Lavigne herself. Get a load of the catchy track below.

NEW VIDEO | Selena Gomez - "Birthday"

Today, Selena Gomez turns 21 and to help celebrate the occasion, the singer unleashed a new promo video for her upcoming album "Stars Dance" which hits stores tomorrow. The starlet's song "Birthday" serves as the opening track for the album.

It's definitely something new, and heavy hitting for her. She's embracing her party side. She's no longer the good girl and you know what, I like her! I can get with it! Check out the party anthem below, Rihanna betta watch out!
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