WATCH | The Game: Season 6, Episodes 9 & 10

Meanwhile, in the world of BET, I thought that I was extra behind and needed to play catch up on The Game. But I was only two episodes behind. Their last new episode was May 21st and it begins again July 2nd. That's a nice long break.

So below are episodes 9 and 10 which will catch you up to episode 11 once it airs this Tuesday. Within bout episodes, we see Kiera reveal that she's a virgin, her and Blue get closer and has sex, Tasha gets proposed to by Pookie when she was supposed to break up with him after Rick Fox put her under pressure.

Chardonnay was caught in the middle and was forced to tell Jason about Tasha's love triangle after his suspicions rose about her cheating. As you can see in the screen capture is when it all went down. The show ended here with Jason demanding Tasha to tell Pookie what is going on. Peep it below.

Michelle Williams Does Michigan Avenue Magazine

Michelle Williams is on the verge of dropping her brand new album "The Journey to Freedom" which is due out this Summer. Last week she released her brand new single called "If We Had Your Eyes". It's an urban inspirational song which goes along well with the influence of the album.

A few days ago, she was shot by a photographer for the Chicago Michigan Avenue magazine in which she will be gracing the cover. She posed in a lot of colorful dresses, looking amazing. She also gave an interview with fellow performer Deborah Cox. Check it all out below.

Chris Brown Accused of Assaulting Girl in A Nightclub

Loks like Chris Brown is about to be in trouble with the law again. According to TMZ, the singer has been accused of assault inside of a California Nightclub over the weekend. The victim claims that it was so violent that she's going to see a second doctor and might have to get surgery.

Her name is Deanna Gimes and she told TMZ that she was in the VIP section of the nightclub where Chris had just performed. The bar of the club was about to close and she claims that out of no where she was shoved to the ground by Chris.

Beyonce Adds New Tour Dates For Latin America; Will Revisit The US To Promote New Album; Due Out November

Her role is only fit for a queen. Word on the street is that Beyonce has extended her "Mrs. Carter" world tour all the way through September. She will blaze the southern part of the world hitting up Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

Not only that, but the singer will make a 2nd round through the United States...even revisiting a few cities that she will have performed at over the Summer. So that could only mean one thing....which is she will be be performing new material from her upcoming album which is rumored to be out in November.


Fun & games or Disrespectful?

FRESH MUSIC | Michelle Williams - "If We Had Your Eyes"

The time has come. Michelle Williams has officially released her brand new single "If We Had Your Eyes". The R&B and Gospel infused track was crafted by Harmony Samuels from BOE Global. The track is lifted from her upcoming fourth studio album.

The Destiny's Child alumni sings about seeing from the perspective of God. The song is gospel lyrically, and fused with an R&B production. The took a step back from her pop realm to her roots that started it all. Listen below.

FIRST LISTEN | Ciara - "Ciara" [Full Standard Edition]

The album is set for a July 9th release date, which is a little over three weeks away, but that didn't stop Ciara's latest effort from hitting the web. Her fifth album "Ciara" has sprung a leak. The 10 track LP contains the single "Body Party".

The project it's self features Nicki Minaj and Future on the standard edition and Rick Ross and B.o.B. is enlisted on the deluxe edition. Soundz, Future, Darkchild, The Underdogs and Ciara herself are among the producers. Listen to the full album below and share your thoughts.

Kelly Rowland Does Good Morning America + "Dirty Laundry" Video Preview

Her hot album "Talk A Good Game" saw the light of day yesterday and Kelly Rowland is off promoting the hell out of it. Yesterday, she went to a Best Buy in New York and signed copies of her album and earlier today she stopped by Good Morning America for a brief chat and a performance.

The singer chatted about the song "Dirty Laundry" and some of the lyrics regarding Beyonce and it's video along with a short preview, they also talked about the new Destiny's Child song "You Changed" and how it felt to reunite. She also performed "Street Life". Check out the goods below.

NEW VIDEO | Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop"

Miley Cyrus declared her independence and showed off her ass....literally in her new video for the single "We Can't Stop". The song was crafted by Mike Will and the video was directed by Diane Martel. Apparently, Miley went for a "black" vibe while recording the song and wanted the same with the video.

While I don't think she achieved either of them, I love them both. The song is catch and the lyrics are very mature for her. The video is just as raunchy as a few of the lyrics. She's partying, twerking, grabbing asses, kissing on dolls and men. Not to mention she looked absolutely stunning. Hannah Montana who? Check out the video below.

Ne-Yo Spills Details About Beyonce's Album

The man can't keep that mouth closed. Ne-Yo recently spoke with Billboard and gave an update about Beyonce's new album.....not his or his projects, but her shit. He's known for it so I can't say that I'm surprised.

Needless to say, he was asked about the album and he pretty much revealed that it's all in the beginning stages. Her camp is trying to figure out the direction to go in. Hence "Bow Down / I Been On", "Grown Woman", and "Standing On The Sun" all have different musical vibes to them. Check out his exact words below.

Rihanna Slaps Fan With Microphone

Looks like Rihanna took a few notes from Chris Brown. During one of her shows over seas last night, she singer performed in front of a sold out crowd in Birmingham, UK. She was interacting with the crowd and walked the line with her security so that she could touch the hands of her adoring #navy.

One #navy member however got a hold of her and didn't want to let go. So Rihanna did what she knew best, she popped her upside the head with her microphone and kept on performing like nothing happened. How's that for "Unapologetic"? Check out the clip below.

NEW VIDEO | Chris Brown - "Don't Think They Know" (feat. Aaliyah)

Chris Brown has dropped the highly anticipated video for his latest single which features Aaliyah. The song is called "Don't Think They Know". The black and white visual features spots of colors and clips of the great Aaliyah from her "Try Again" music video.

The song is nice and hearing unheard vocals of baby girl again just pleases my ear. Chis took a stand in this video against gun violence as children are killed on a daily baisis by the devices. The song will appear on his new album "X" which is due out July 16th. Peep the clip below.

Michelle Williams Teases New Single

The wait is over. Michelle Williams has begun kicking off the promotion for her music comeback. The ex-Destiny's Child alumni has been hitting the studio hard and heavy with producer Harmony Samuels. The pair have been crafting a project that's a cross between R&B and Gospel.

That exact cross can be heard in the single that she will be premiering on June 24th. The name of the song is called "If We Had Your Eyes" and she uploaded a 30 second instrumental onto her Youtube page. Give it a listen below.

FIRST LISTEN | Kanye West - "Yeezus" [FULL ALBUM]

The controversial Kanye West did his very best to keep his latest album "Yeezus" under wraps...he did very well if I must say. No one knew about an album or anything. There still is no official single, no video or anything for promotion.

He simply held an album release party, debuted a few images across the world, and performed a few of the tracks while on tours and making appearances. The father to be album is set to drop this Tuesday but if you can wait til then, I have your first listen right here.

This new album showcases another flawless musical side of him. There is a lot of production from Daft Punk, Mike Dean, Rick Rubin and more. Each track stands out on it's very on. They each are good. I just don't know how I feel about him comparing himself to Jesus and the use of that auto-tune throughout the album. Check it out below.

FIRST LISTEN | Kelly Rowland - "Talk A Good Game" [FULL ALBUM]

Kelly Rowland's album "Talk A Good Game" is a scorcher and will hit stores everywhere next Tuesday. But no need to wait, I've got you covered with an exclusive stream of the entire album. The album features productions from The-Dream, Mike Will, Harmony, The Runners and more.

Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Wiz Khalifa and Kevin Cossom are among the features on the album. A lot of the tracks are heavily influenced by other acts. Her track "Gone" samples Janet's "Got Til' It's Gone" and "Put Your Name On It" samples one particular song but I can't quite put my finger on it.

The entire project is a very contemporary effort. The productions are smooth and edgy. She brought back R&B. It's more less of an urban project like "Here I Am". Thanks to not having Rico Love or his failed single "Ice"  Listen below.

RUMOR CONTROL | Kanye West Cheats On Kim Kardashian With Canadian Model + Relationship is Fake

I'm not one to feed into the gossip and tabloids, but I always felt this way about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's out of the blue relationship and pregnancy. So this news wasn't all  that surprising to me. But it comes from Star magazine so we know it could be just a nasty little rumor. Any who, the lady pictured above is a 24 year old Canadian model who goes by the name of Leyla Ghobadi.

She claims to have had sex with the rapper last July after she was invited back to his hotel room following a concert she attended. She was dressed scandalously in the front row at the newly built Atlantic City Revel Resort when he spotted her dancing to his "Mercy" performance. From there he had a member of his entourage invite the girl to a number of things, including his hotel all while Kim K. sat in the V.I.P. boxes above.

Man Has Sex With Unconscious Woman; Says He Did It To Save Her Life

In wtf news of the day,  50 year-old Rodger William Kelly from Utah has been arrested for allegedly having sex with his 29 year old neighbor while she was unconscious. He claims that he only did it to keep her warm. According to police documents, he found her on her porch unresponsive, that's when he decided to carry her over to his home to change her clothes................*side eye*

From there, he put her on his bed and lied down next to her. He began hugging her to get her temperature up and then had sex with her to warm her up. He said that he was trying to save her life. Police didn't buy it, so he was arrested and charged with first degree felony rape. The incident happened May 19th.

Janet Begins Work On New Album

It's been a long time coming...5 years to be exact since her last album "Discipline" stormed the world. Janet has began work on the new project that she's put off for some time now. In the above photo she was snapped with Tommy Parker in Turkey putting in work.

Parker is a writer and producer for Darkchild Records, which is helmed by Rodney Jerkins who did most of her last album which flopped like a fish out of water. So lets hope Tom can do some justice or she needs to get back in the studio with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Peep more pics below.

Keri Hilson Updates Fans On Music Absence

Keeeerii! You got some xplainin' too doooo...! After rumors of why Keri Hilson has been off the radar surfaced all over the interweb over the past few months, the singer decided to take to Twitter to clear up a few things. She also posted a few vacation pictures on her Instagram account.

She was plagued with rumors of being pregnant, being blacklisted by the industry due to the Beyonce hate she's been spreading over the years, even as far as quitting music altogether. But in reality, she songstress has been enjoying her life and newly found love with the man you see above.

Ashanti Releases Album Tracklisting

July 30th is the day that Ashanti's new album "BraveHeart" will see the light of day. According to Toya, the project has seen more push backs than Stevie Wonder's hairline. The album is preceded by the singles "The Woman You Love", "No One Greater", "That's What We Do" and the new anthem "Never Should Have".

So far she has hit up the stage in Vegas and on the Marie show to perform her latest single. She's also become a well rounded character on her stint on the show "Army Wives". Next week on June 19th, she will hit the stage of the Katie Couric show to further promote the highly delayed album. Get a load of the 13 tracks below, two of which are intro's and outro's.

Mariah Carey Announces New Album Release Date

The wait is over for you desperate lambs. You've been waiting for a nice long four years for this moment to come. Mariah Carey announce some exciting news via Twitter yesterday to her 11 million followers across the world.

With one failed single "Triumphant" with what's his face and Rick Ross and one hit single "#Beautiful" with the help of Miguel, her album has received the green light. It just takes one hit single in order to get a release date. July 23rd is the date, so mark those calendars. Peep the tweet below.

FRESH MUSIC | Beyonce - "Rise Up" [FULL HQ]

The film "Epic" has been out for about a week and a half now and has already grossed over $151 million worldwide and counting. Beyonce contributed to the film by lending her voice to one of the characters as Queen Tara.

She also lent her vocals for the track called "Rise Up" which was written by herself and Sia. The song still hasn't been officially released but fans are doing what they can for a listen. Below you can listen to a LQ version of the track in full to get your fix.

RUMOR CONTROL | Beyonce Laughs Off Pregnancy Rumors

During the ending session of the bigger than life "Chime for Change" event in London yesterday, Beyonce manage to squeeze in some Q&A time with "Today's" host Savanah Guthrie. She quickly and awkwardly asked her about the pregnancy rumors.

And she was given a quick and awkward answer by the superstar who simply laughed, chuckled and giggled saying where did those rumors come from? She didn't give a confirmation nor did she deny so the question still remains a good ole mystery. Check out the clip below.

FRESH MUSIC | Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop"

Miley Cyrus has made her much anticipated comeback to the music scene with the release of her brand new single today. The track was produced by hip-hop producer Mike Will who has been the go to man for the past year. He's nailed anthems for Rihanna, Kelly Rowland, Juicy J and more.

The song is called "We Can't Stop" and is lifted from her upcoming album. It shows off a more grown and mature side of Miley, lyrically and vocally. The song is a hit! Watch it skyrocket onto the charts. Take a listen to the track below.

Jennifer Lopez & Mary J. Blige's "Chime for Change" Performances

Jennifer Lopez and Mary J. Blige also graced the stage in London for the "Chime for Change" event. Check it out below.

Beyonce's "Chime for Change" Performance

Yesterday was a huge night for Beyonce. The singer headlined the "Chime for Change" charity festival and performed in front of a crowd of 80,000 people and an audience of over one million which includes the viewers all across the world.

She sang a slew of hits from "Crazy In Love" to her newest song "Grown Woman". Husband Jay-Z joined her on stage as well. There were also other big names like Rita Ora, Mary J. Blige who hit the stage, but first, below you can check out Bey's set in full as well as the set list.

Ashanti Performs "Never Should Have" In Vegas

About a week ago, Ashanti blazed the stage in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. She hit the stage for residents, tourists and vacationers for the Memorial Day in a nice fitted gold and white, semi revealing body suit.

The singer performed a string of classic hits as well as her newest single "Never Should Have" which is lifted from her upcoming album "BraveHeart" and is due out July 30th. She belted out this song like a pro and looked damn good while doing so. Check it out below.
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