Fresh Music | Kelly Rowland - "You Changed" (feat. Beyonce & Michelle Williams)

Kelly Rowland is unleashing her new album "Talk A Good Game" little by little on the world. The first single "Kisses Down Low" blazed the charts. Then she released the emotionally charged "Dirty Laundry" which sent people through the roof and applauding her for the raw honesty.

A few months ago, she talked about how Beyonce and Michelle Williams were featured on a song for her new album. That track has leaked in full and it's called "You Changed". Kelly snags verse one, then Beyonce slays the second verse with her raw vocals and Michelle graces the ending with poise. Listen below.

This is simply lovely. It sounds like good ole fashion R&B. It's also good to hear them back together. It's weird knowing that these girls recorded their parts in different studios and far away from each other. I personally feel that when it's recorded like that, it takes away from the rawness of the song.

I would rather all artists record at the same time, in the same room because it just adds more dept to the song. You can't even hear their harmonies like you would on a Destiny's Child song...but I guess beggars can't be choosers. The song is dope. What do you think about it?

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