After this photo of Daddy Yankee hit the inter-web yesterday, the star sought damage control but it was a bit too late. The rapper is seen above lip locking with another male and was forced to issue a statement about it.

The other guy is unidentified as of now, but he is Daddy's partner in crime. He issued a state saying how he no longer wanted to live in fear and how sorry he was about fans, friends and family having to find out this way. Check out his statement below.

“Yesterday was displayed certain photographs showing a part of me, which I was not prepared to speak for fear of rejection, of criticism, but especially for my family and its consequences.
Believe that now is the time to grow, not only as a human being, but in all aspects, believe that love is the purest feeling that exists and in this life, having the opportunity to share those moments with someone, which look and forget everything negative, it is a gift of life, I treasure more than myself

“I do not want to lie and lie out of fear, I love what I do and what I am, my passion, I could never do something else, I feel really bad about not being able to share this with all my friends before, they are the ones I concerned and so I decided to be honest

“I wish I could see beyond the note, I am a human being like anyone, flaws and virtues and not think this is a defect, I will not deny.

“I request and I thank the press to respect my family and myself, which concluded the issue with this letter and subsequent statements will not. I have fear and uncertainty, but I rely on my partner, I know that your love is larger than this, I ask with all my heart that I deem to have been honest and above all always be proud of who they are and never make the mistake that I made. ”
Source: Caracol

One small step for the gays.......who's coming out next?!
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