Youtube Smacks Down Fake Views & Likes

If you're big on the inter-web, like I am, you know about the advertisements that are posted all over Facebook & Twitter about gaining new followers on Twitter and new likes on Facebook and so on and so forth. Youtube was another one of those offerings. Hackers would agitate the numbers, increasing them, giving the user fake likes and fake views to make their videos appear more popular than they really are.

Well, Youtube isn't having it. The online giant has completely wiped down the video counts on some of your favorite artists like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Leona Lewis, and a lot of others citing that some of the views were no legit. Within the past view hours, videos have lost a total of nearly two billion views. Check out the report below.

Jennifair "Quaz" Release + Performances At The Doll House

Last Friday night was the night you shouldn't have missed. Chicago's very own Jennifair celebrated the release of her brand new mixtape "Quaz" which was presented by the one and only Drum Mage! and hosted by DJ RL form Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. She's currently signed onto New York & Chicago's Mogul Media Records label and is planning on moving to the big apple for more exposure.

She worked hard on this mixtape throughout the year and I had the pleasure of hearing some of the tracks even before they were even finished and I have to say that everything was a big step up from the last one. To celebrate the accomplishment, she held a release party at a Chicago club called The Doll House where she signed CD's and gave a few performances.

She was accompanied by her close family and friends, co-workers, label mates, and her right hand man DM! Below you can check out the 17-track mixtape which was laced with productions from Drum Mage! You will also get so see her performing at the club as well as a few shots of her with the crowd just having a grand time. Get into it all below!!

Fresh Music | Brandy - "How High"

It's Christmas Day and it looks like Brandy is the first to gift her fans new music. This track was recorded for her new album "Two Eleven" but didn't make the final cut. It was previewed on an episode of "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business".

The song was produced by Get Familiar and it features her rapping alter ego Bran'Nu. Enojy your free music gift of "How High" from her for free. It will not be sold on iTunes so go to your favorite downloading site and get it! Listen to the song below.

Ester Dean Drops "Baby Making Love" Video

Back in May, Ester Dean released this song and it was rumored to be her first offering from her new deal with Interscope Records. It was a bigger than life hit on the internet and now, the video for the song has finally saw the light of day. "Baby Making Love" is a hit!

The video is a straight throwback, just like the song. I'm like early 90's as you can tell by that gold chain and Chicago Bulls jersey that she's wearing. The Super Nintendo, the rabbit ears on the t.v. and the big dookie braids....simply amazing! Check it out below!

Jamia Put's Her Spin on "All of the Lights" With Eric Bellinger

It's been a bit quiet on the Jamia front over the past few months, but the blossoming starlet has returned to the scene just before the year's end. The BOE Global starlet is still jump starting her promising music career under the watchful eye of producer Harmony and his crew. She's dropped a few stellar videos throughout the year which all were directed by my good friend BJermaine!

This next project that they've all collaborated on features another up and coming singer by the name of Eric Bellinger. He accompanies Jamia in her new video, which is a re-fix not a remix, to Kanye West's ever popular song "All of the Lights".  The track and it's reworked lyrics gives you an inside look on what she's doing with her life, what she wants out of it and why! Check it out below!

Fresh Music | Kelly Rowland - "Number One"

With her new album "Year of the Woman" drawing closer and closer to a release, Kelly Rowland is building momentum with the release of new music. Though this track won't be featured on the project, it's definitely a winner.

The name of it is called "Number One" and will be featured on Mike Will Made-It's (producer of Bandz A Make Her Dance), mixtape "Established In 1989 Pt. 2.5". Kelly sings about her should be the only number on in her man's life. Listen up below.

Lady Gaga's "Fame" Perfume Is Most Popular of 2012

It looks like congratulations are in order for Lady Gaga as her very first perfume fragrance has become the best selling scent of 2012 across the pond in the U.K. "Fame" by Lady Gaga sparked media and public interest after it was announced that the frangrace would contain blood and semen.

It also sparked attention for being the first and only dark-colored liquid for a fragrance.It was confimred as the first black eau de parfum. And It looks like it's been sellling like hot cakes. I personally don't see what the fuss about. I hear the scent changes depending on whose skin it's on and how long it's been on and what not....

But it smells like.....regular perfume to me. It's only hot because it's her name on it. I will admit the the design of the bottle and the color of the perfume itself is pretty cool. But other than that, it's just another fragrance. I mean, it's not like it's  "HEAT" or PULSE" or anything...I'm just saying...

2012 Dimp-Zone Awards | Winners

You rocked the vote! Well I hope you did. After a few thousand votes, I'm happy to announce the winners of this years Dimp-Zone Awards! I would like to thank you for your votes and participation and look forward to doing it again next year.

After the break you will catch the winners, the best, the worst and the flops of 2012 surrounding their music, album and shocking events. Hopefully your favorite made the cut. So without further ado.....

Fresh Music | JoJo - "Agápē" (Mixtape)

JoJo has just released another mixtape. This marks her second one. She has been giving away the free music since the road bum with her recod label and her serious delayed third studio album which was supposed to see the light of day in 2008.

Instead of keeping her fans waiting, she has dropped a new mixtape called "Agápē", which is a smooth and organic R&B flowing project. It's compiled of 13 songs with credits from herself, Elijah Blake and more. Listen to it and download the mixtape below.

Fresh Music | Fantasia - "Lose to Win"

Fantasia is back with a brand new single from her upcoming album. She has been working on her album all throughout the year with a slew of producers like Harmony and others. He actually produced the track that you are about to hear below.

I learned from my friends that it samples a song called "Nightshift" by Commodores. It's called "Lose to Win". There's no word on if it's the official first single but it very well could be as it's receiving great reception from audiences and fans. It will be available on iTunes on Jan. 8, 2013. Listen to the song below.

Keri HIlson Spills The Beans About New Album

A few nights a go as she was making her way in the VH1 Divas ceremony, Keri Hilson was stopped by cameras and reporters and spill some juice about her new album. She stated that she's been gone for a while but now she's back from being blacklisted.

The follow-up to "No Boys Allowed" will feature a huge amount of growth with productions from Timbaland and Polo da Don. She said said that we will get the bad girl Keri and songs about all of her boos, and the current one. Check out the video below.

Baby Bye! Bald Eagle Tries Snatching Baby Boy For Dinner

Baby Bye! You know times are hard when animals are trying to feed on us humans. A video has circulated the inter-web of a baby boy being snatched right off of the ground by an adult sized bald eagle that nearly got a way with a meal.

Thank god that the baby was too heavy for the eagle. It wasn't able to carry all of those pounds so it dropped off the load. The poor baby was shaken up and crying. I can only imagine what the father was thinking when he saw his baby being lifted away. Check out the video below.

Trey Songz's Accuser Steps Forward: "He Blackened My Eye With A Wad of Cash!"

Her name is Donna McIntosh-Inoe and she has stepped forward owning up to the recent events of Trey Songz being arrested for assaulting a woman with cash at a strip club. That woman was her...and she was not a stripper. She's a 36 year-old nurse. She clamied that she was struck in the left eye with a wad of cash which caused a blackened eye.

During the incident which happened back in August, Donna's husband bought VIP tickets to be apart of Trey's album release party for "Chapter 5" at the club. Donna then tried to take a picture of the singer with her cellphone since the strippers were doing it. That's when he noticed her snapping picture and lugged a wad of cash her way. Check out the report below.

Fresh Music | Miguel - "Bawdy" & "On These Wings"

2012 has been quite a successful year from Miguel. He has a hit R&B single that everyone is in love with, his album "Kaleidoscope Dream" has ended up on quite of a few Best of 2012 lists and he's been summoned by Beyoncé herself to work on her new album. He's quite the man.

Earlier today, two unreleased tracks from the singer surfaced. One uptempo called "Bawdy" and the other mid-tempo jam "On These Wings". Both tracks seems as if the were recorded during his first album's session. Check them out below.

Ke$ha's Song "Die Young" Being Snatched From Radio Stations

Ke$ha's hit song "Die Young" was well on it's way to reaching the top spot on Billboard's Hot 100. It climb it's way to #3 but now it will suffer a massive drop due to the song being pulled from radio stations across the nation due to the lyrics in the song and the recent events at Sandy Cook Elementary School in Newtown, Con.

Let’s make the most of the night, like we’re gonna die young / We’re gonna die young, We’re gonna die young”.

The lyrics hit so close to home with people across the nation who were deeply affected by the  tragedy, that station are simply no longer playing the record. Ke$ha herself even understands the seriousness of the matter and stated on Twitter that she wasn't all for recording the record herself. Check out her tweets below.

Rihanna Performs "Diamonds" On The Voice Finale

Rihanna shined bright like a diamond during her performance on the finale of "The Voice" earlier tonight. The singer performed her chart topping single "Diamonds" and performed it well. She did it while wearing a cladded and glittered down pantsuit.

The song now sits at  #2 on Billboard's Hot 100 while the album "Unapologetic" sits at #12 on the Billboard 200. It had suffered a sales decline but who care, it was her first #1 album! Check out the stellar performance after the break.

Alicia Keys Premieres "Brand New Me" Video & Performs on The View

Last week, Alicia Keys teased us with a short clip from the new video for her single "Brand New Me". Yesterday, the entire vsual was released.  The track serves as the official second single from her chart topping album "Girl on Fire", The clip was directed by Dianel MArtel.

Also, right after the debut of the video, Alica went straight to promote it. She performed on "The View" earlier today and is expected to perform on David Letterman later tonight. She's definitely the one on fire. Peep the video and the performance after the break.

Top 20 Songs of 2012

Again, once the end of the year approaches, it's good to reflect on the good and the bad. This post will be on the good. These are 20 of the best songs that I feel slayed my life this year. It's not based off airplay and downloads and blah blahh.

It's simply MY two cents on tracks that I slammed and jammed to throughout the year. A few of these I had on repeat for DAYS, even weeks at a time because that's just how I do.Without further ado, after the break the countdown will commence.See who topped my list!

Ciara Tributes Michael Jackson & Performs "Got Me Good" On VH1 Divas

Ciara tore the stage up at the VH1 Divas showcase last night. The singer paid tribute to the one and only  Michael Jackson by performing some of his best moves to his hit song "Billie Jean". She then transitioned to her new single "Got Me Good" and gave one hell of a performance.

The new single is from her album "One Woman Army" which is due out next year. She slayed the stage with her moves and her performers. Check it out below.

Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona, & Ledsi Tribute Whitney Houston At VH1 Divas

Another tribute took place during VH1 Divas and it was for the late and legendary Whitney Houston. She definitely left big shoes and a big voice to fill. Jordin Sparks, Melanie Fiona and Ledsi took on a string of the divas hit and did a fare job with them.

"I'm Every Woman", "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "It's Not Right, But It's Okay" and "How Will I Know" were among the songs chosen to be sang tonight. They were good choices because they flowed with the theme of the event. Check it out below.

Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson & Adam Lambert Tribute Donna Summer at VH1 Divas

Last night, VH1 Divas took place live from Los Angeles at the Shrine Auditorium. The night was packed full of performances from great women in music.....and Adam Lambert. It was a night of greatness.

He performed along side Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson as the three each took on big hits from the late singer Donna Summer. "Bad Girls", "She Works Hard For The Money" and "Last Dance" we the song choices and one of the three did the entire performance justice, not only that but visible shade was tossed from one diva to the other.....find out who below.

Trey Songz Arrested For Hitting Woman With Cash At Strip Club

They say "Bands A Make Her Dance"....but that isn't the case for this story or bands belonging to Trey Songz. The singer was arrested and charged with assault after a woman claimed that she was hit in the left eye by cash thrown by the singer and suffered a great deal of pain because of it.

Now, there's no word on the woman was an actual stripper, which I'm sure she was, but the night in question happened back in August during the album release party of his latest album "Chapter 5" at around 4am. Check out the report below.

Cassie Premieres "End of the Line" Video

I guess she didn't take my advice to throw in the towel. Cassie just released a video for a new song called "End of the Line" which well be featured on her upcoming mixtape "Rock-A-Bye Baby", which sounds like the perfect title for the perfect snooze fest.

Inside the cheap visual, she flaunts a head of nappy hair in the middle of someone's dry Sahara desert talking about how her and her boo thang reached the end of the line. I'm sure this was directed and produced by herself. Check it out below.

Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Weigh In On Each Other

These two and their personalities are bigger than life! Back in October was when the two had a cat fight during the taping of the auditions of American Idol which was leaked onto the inter-web. Since then, both camps have been reluctant to speak on the situation or they either brush it off by saying they're okay or by not aying anything at all.

Promotional rounds have begun with the show, as it will air January 16th, and the girls are out to play. Mariah Carey was recently asked if they two settled their differences and she replied by asking the reporter about ever hearing one of her Christmas tunes. Then on the other side, Nicki Minaj was asked and she said that all is well. Check out the clip below.

2012 Music Predictions | Revisited

At the very top of the year, I gave you a list of predictions that I thought was going to happen in music throughout the year. Some of them were dead on and some were just plain off. Needless to  say, it's fun looking back at what I thought was going to happen while knowing what actually happened.

Below we will check off the predictions that were spot on and take a deeper look at the ones that we're just plain lies. The end of the year is fun because most of the posts are just big reflections throughout the year. Check it out below.

Tamar Braxton Announces Album Release Date

Tamar Braxton is riding higher than that thang! Since the success of her new single "Love and War", which topped the iTunes music chart and has since debuted at #57 on Billboard's Hot 100, she's been out and about promoting and performing it. Most recently was her sit down performance on "The Couch" which you will be able to watch after the break.

She also has finally revealed the release date of her new album, which still doesn't have a title name. But the day has been set for February 12, 2013. No further details have been announced regarding a second single and music video, but I'm sure if things are happening this fast for her, we will get all of the within the next few weeks. Check out the performance below.

Whitney Houston Tops Google's Most Searched List

There was no doubt that the death of Whitney Houston rocked the globe back in February. The legendary diva drowned in her hotel room's bathtub after being found under water. Since then, there have been countless of interviews, tributes, she's had a posthumous movie and album. Simply put, the world just can't get enough of her.

The name Whitney Houston was searched more than 1.2 trillion times according to Google's year end results making it the year's top searches. Below you can check out the top 10 most searched throughout the globe according to Google's statistics.

2012 Dimp-Zone Awards: Nominations | VOTE NOW


It's that time of the year again and Dimp-Zone wants you to vote!! Last year's awards was a big success and I'm sure this one will be even bigger. The time has come for you to cast your vote for your favorites or not so favorites..

Below you can vote in a number of categories for your favorite artist, song, T.V. show, album  and more. Of course the selection is from content that I just so happen to enjoy, major flops, success and ratings, reviews more. You can vote as many times as you like and the winners will be revealed in just a few short weeks!

I hope some of your favorites made the cut, hell, even if they didn't you should still vote for the next best in line! It has definitely been a wild and crazy year in the music business and it's only fair to praise the high and mighty, as well as look down on those who've epically failed! Get into it below!!!

Cast your vote below
Polls Close Christmas Day!!!!!!

Fresh Music | Tamar Braxton - "The One" + Wendy Williams Performance

Yesterday, Tamar Braxton stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and performed her new hit song "Love and War". The track toppled iTunes and as Wendy said, beat out Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys...she was giving the well deserved accolades.

She also performed the  and a few others during her live showcase for the finale of her show "Tamar & Vince". Yesterday one of those songs surfaced in high quality, but in a live format, not studio quality. The song is called "The One" and it samples Notorious BIG's very popular song "Juicy". Check it all out below.

Rita Ora Premieres "Radioactive" Video

Rita Ora has had quite the year...across the pond that is. The London singer has unleashed yet another single and video from her chart topping debut album "Ora". The song "Radioactive" marks the fourth single released from the project.

The futuristic video is packed with special effects, outer space glimpses and Rita going as far as becoming an android as pictured above. Take a trip to the other world with her as she continues to make her name known in the music world.

Beyoncé's $50 Million Pepsi Deal

Get a load of this. Beyoncé is going to be all up in yo face within the next few years. Her new album is on the way, her big time Super Bowl performance is around the corner, the much hyped HBO documentary is almost here and now, it's been announced that King B has scored a multi-year $50 Million deal with soft drink giant Pepsi.

The promotion will lanch next year along side of her performances and album release. She will also premiere a Pepsi commercial during the Super Bowl game. There will be limited edition cans of the soft drink with her face plastered all over it, which will launch in March, lastly the promotions and advertising will happen world wide. Check out her Pepsi cans, and her thoughts on the new gig below.

Fresh Music | John Legend - "Who Did That To You"

John Legend may have put a minor delay on his forthcoming album "Love in the Future" but that hasn't stopped him from lending his stunning voice to major moving soundtracks like "Think Like A Man" and now the latest being Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained".

This song is called "Who Did That To You" and will be featured on the movie's soundtrack which will hit stores on December 18th and the film on Christmas Day. The song was written by Paul Epworth, the mastermind behind Adele's hit "Rolling in the Deep". Listen to it below.

Melanie Amaro Performs "Long Distance" On X-Factor

Melanie Amaro was the winner of last year's X-Factor competition. She won a $5 million recording contract and has since been hard at work on her debut album. It's titled "Truly" and will be out in the first quarter of 2013.

A few days ago, she premiered her latest single "Long Distance" and took to the stage on the show last night to officially kick off her promotion with a performance. Watch the performance after the break.

Tamar Braxton Tops The iTunes Chart at #1, Performs "Love and War" Live

Tamar Braxton is .net .org! Her single "Love and War" has stormed to the #1 spot on the iTunes Chart. She is reigning on the top and it's all by word of mouth, blogs, and people talking about how good of a song it is.

I wonder what position will she enter in on Billboard's Chart next week. This is amazing, she could very much so be the one to revive R&B/Soul music on the charts. The song is PURE R&B and nothing more. It will be interesting to see.

She took to the stage to perform the song live on the finale of her show with husband Vince. She lip synced when pretty much made me less interested. But it's still one hell of a song. Check out the performance below via Fly Guy!!

Jhené Aiko "Mirrors" Will Make You Hip

I've seen so many posts about this new comer, but never actually to take time to read any of them or even press the play button...until today. After doing a little digging, I found out that she has quite the catalog ranging all the way back to when B2K was hot. She's been featured on a few tracks here and there, and had her very own mixtape.

Now it looks like Jhené Aiko is ready for her big Def Jam debut. Her first album called "Souled Out" will be released next year with productions from Kanye West, No I.D., and more. Yesterday she released the video for the single "Mirrors" and a reader brought it to my attention by telling me to get hip....and I watched it. Check it out below.

Wendy Williams: "Beyoncé Sounds Like She Has A 5th Grade Education."

Admit it, Wendy Williams said what everyone else was afraid to say...and you know it. Earlier today on her show, she reviewed Beyoncé's upcoming documentary that will air on HBO in February. Wendy is no stranger for holding her tongue. She had something to ay about Beyoncé's fake pregnancy and now, the talk show think she sounds like an idiot.

During the show, she joked, but was "calling a spade a spade" when she said that she will watch the documentary but with closed captioning because it sounds like she only got a 5h grade education. Calling out Beyoncé like that is a bold move. It was so bold that the audience didn't know whether to laugh or not. They were afraid. Check out the clip below.

Mariah Carey Finally Delivers Great Performance

You know, it may have taken her a year....or eight to deliver a good performance. Mariah Carey took to Jimmy Fallon and teamed up with The Roots to give a performance of her Christmas hit classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You".

She did a pretty good job. She actually sounded herself...for once. She also looked good. Must have been a damn good body suit that she had under that red dress. The thing that captured my heart was the little girl second from the left...just adorable. Check it out below.

2013 Grammy Nominations

The year is about to wrap up and it looks like the final list is in for the 2013 Grammy Nominees. The biggest night for music will take place on Feb. 10th, 2013 at 8/7c only on CBS. It will mark the 55th Annual Grammy Ceremony.

The performers have yet to be announced but the nominees have. A few of your favorites made the cut like Beyoncé, Drake, Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Miguel, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and more. Then others like Lana Del Rey, Kelly Rowland, Justin Bieber and others weren't so lucky.

Check out the list one nominations after the break.

Fresh Music | Tamar Braxton - "Love and War"

Who said that a reality show can't revive a career? Tamar Braxton has been back in the lime light since "The Braxton Family Values" became an instant hit. It birthed the spin off reality show for here and her husband called "Tamar & Vince".

Now that the show is seeing success, she's capitalizing by releasing a brand new solo album. The first single is called "Love and War" which is now available on iTunes. The song is a scorcher and her voice throughout the track is simply amazing. Listen to the R&B ballad below.

Leona Lewis Premieres "Lovebird" Video

Yesterday, I posted about the video, and well here it is. The second single from Leona Lewis' album called "Glassheart". The song is called "Lovebird" and the video is just as lovely as the song. The cool colors, and the beautiful face of Leona just stuns me.

The video was very simple but captured the essence of the song, and it's crazy because this is the vision of colors that I imagine when I always listen to the song. Especially the photo above, which is why I picked it out. Watch the video below.

Fresh Music | Melanie Amaro - "Long Distance"

X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro is still hard at work on her debut album. It sounds like she's trying to find her nitche in this business. With the releases of "Don't Fail Me Now" & "Love Me Now", we've heard the dance side and the R&B side.

This track "Long Distance" take on the pop world and saw it's release on iTunes earlier today. On the mid-tempo track, you here the singer longing to be with her man who's far far away from her. She will be performing this track on X-Factor tomorrow night. Listen to it below.

Leona Lewis Shoots "Lovebird" Video

The talented Leona Lewis is preparing to release the video for her second single from her new album "Glassheart". The song is called "Lovebird". The video is expected to premiere tomorrow on VEVO.

Until then, Leona has granted her fans a little bit of access to what's to come by release a few video stills from the set. Check out a few more pictures below.  Also, if you've yet to hear the song, you can listen to that as well.

Why Trina!!?

Can someone ask Trina WHY she thought this was cute? It's a hott ghetto and ratchet mess!  It's the cover to her new mixtape "Back 2 Business". Her ass has been trying to get BACK IN THE BUSINESS for the past 10 years.

Trick Daddy gave it up, and so does she. Close the damn curtains. Diamond Princess my ass!

Fantasia Says Her New Album Will Be Out In March

Fantasia is about to smack yall right in the ear with a new album. Yup, Fanny has been hard in the studio over the past year laying down track after track and getting her banging body back into shape for this new record. She revealed to Hip Hollywood that it will be out in March 2013.

She stated that it's a different sound and style describe as Rockier, R&B music. She compared her genre movement to Tina Turner's move from soul to rock music and she says that it's where her heart is. Check out the interview below.

Beyoncé Will Release New Music Before Super Bowl

Get ready stans, Beyoncé is about to come strong. According to The-Dream at least. The producer says that he's HEAVILY involved with Bey's new project (yawns) and insists that the world will definitely hear a track or two well before her big Super Bowl performance.

With that being said, one can assume that we could hear something as early as next month since the Super Bowl gig is in February. He spoke to Billboard and revealed that she's been working all Summer long and is about ready to let-her-rip!! Check out the article below.

Heather Headley Stuns With "I WIll Always Love You" Performance

Singer Heather Headley snagged the role of Rachel Marron for the adapted Broadway musical "The Bodyguard". The film, which starred the late and legendary Whitney Houston and Kevin Kostner in 1992, has gotten the musical treatment and will open this Wednesday in London.

Heather stunned the crowd and gave a sneak listen as for what's to come once the show opens. She sang the ever popular "I Will Always Love You" and of course will tackle a number of legendary songs from the movie. Check out the clip below.

Beyoncé Releases Teaser For HBO Special

Source: Sandra Rose

It may only be a 25 second clip but I'm sure you won't regret it...or maybe you will, I honestly don't care. I just want you to take a look at a sneak peek of Beyoncé new HBO Special which is a documentary directed, written, produced, recorded and stars the singer herself.

Below, you can check out a little clip of what's to come. Inside you'll see some personal footage of her as a little girl, a pregnant belly, tours, performances and much more. The documentary is set to air on HBO Feb. 16, 2013 so mark you calenders. Watch it below.
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