Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Teen Girl & Throws Her Off The Bus

A Cleveland, Ohio bus driver will probably come under heavy fire after this video surfaced online. It features a male bus driver and female teenage passenger having a verbal argument. It is unclear what they were arguing about but it escalated into a fight.

The teen girl took a few swings on the driver as he was sitting down in the driver's seat, then he got up and Chris Brown'ed her ass and threw her and all of her belongings off of his bus. She made her way back on and the two fight like bitches in the street. Watch the video below.

Little information can currently be found about the video, but in the footage taken by another passenger, the teenager is shown arguing with the driver.

It’s unclear what the two are arguing over, but the young girl threatens the driver.

He then tells her that he would have his daughter and even his granddaughter come over to the bus to fight with the irate teen.

She responds by accepting his threat and adding that he could even bring his “mammy.”

The feud escalates when the driver points out a scar that the girl allegedly had on her face and the entire bus erupts into laughter.

Being belittled by the bus driver is something the girl would not stand for, and instead of waiting for his daughter, granddaughter or mammy come to fight her she initiates the fight.

A worker is standing in front of the camera at the time, but it’s clear that the teenager lunges at the driver and assaults him.

After releasing some of her anger through her fist, the teen backs off and the driver then steps forward. He begins to yell at her, “You’re going to jail now, you’re going to jail now” and out of nowhere he upper-cuts the teen right under the jaw and she falls straight to the ground.

He then proceeds to literally throw her out of the bus along with her jacket, but the girl comes back at the driver.

The passengers on the bus screamed the moment he hit her, reminded him that she’s a female, but he barks back at them, “I don’t care. [If] she [wants] to be a man, I’ll treat you like a man.”

She yells back at him, “Now you’re going to jail, b*tch.”
Source: IBTimes

He knocked the SHIT out of her! He gave her an uppercut like her ass was a character from Mortal Kombat!! Her head went straight into the air and then he threw her ass off of his bus. I couldn't believe my eyes. Yes she was wrong for starting the fight, but his strong arms ass CLEARED her.

She should have a fractured jaw or something! I'm sure the driver will be fired, yes he was acting in self defense but she was a small girl, he didn't have to treat her or even hit her like that. She didn't deserve it. No matter how she treated him, he could have handled it differently. What do you think? Sound off below.
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