Discussion: Did Beyoncé Press Pause On Keri Hilson's Career?

It looks like that is indeed a yes. It's no secret that Keri Hilson dislikes Beyoncé. I've posted about it plenty of times. You've seen the videos, the photos and everything else there is showing the dislike. No one ever knew why or what was the cause...and we may never know. But it looks as if work got around to Bey and her camp and word has it that Keri is blacklisted in the business.

 It's hard for her too book performances, attend shows and ever work on her album. The scoop is that none of the top producers and writers in the industry wants to work with her because they all fear that they will be tainted by the wrath of Beyoncé. She has reporteldy hit rock bottom and has too much pride to realize it. Check out the article below.
So apparently singer Keri Hilson is struggling. I’m hearing she is “blacklisted” in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyonce. Interscope has had their wits with her diva-ish attitude and her partner in crime who came up with the idea of Keri to come for Beyonce’s crown has been ghost in her defense to save her failing career.
She is at rock bottom, and is too prideful to realize it. The top producers and writers are too scared to collaborate or work with her on her new projects for fear of catching some of the backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised if she nudged fellow struggling singer Ciara to do a duet and get some buzz for her declining singing career.
SOURCE: Sandra Rose

You know,  I can believe it. I mean, if you're gonna try to come and diss one of the most powerful forces in music and not have anything to worry about...then you have another thought coming. I just want to know what's her reasons behind it. I mean she used to like her some Beyoncé but over the past few years, that like clearly has went away.

But as you can see, Beyoncé isn't having it. She's slowly but surly shutting OFF Keri's career. I'm sure soon we will hear an apology or a statement or her being #TeamBeyoncé so that the dark cloud can mover over her. Either that, or she will do something drastic to get her name back in the light. Who knows, but one things for sure...if you mess with Queen B, she won't come for you or your wig, she will come for your career and press PAUSE!

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