Brandy Unveils "Two Eleven" Album Covers

Brandy smoked the cover of her new album "Two Eleven". The singer debuted the snap shot yesterday via her social networking sites. It looks as if all the systems are go with the project. The album is preceded by the single "Put It Down" which features Chris Brown. The video received good reviews and the song sits at #13 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Charts.

Her most recently released "Wildest Dreams" is slowly but surly making it's rounds onto the radio stations. The album is expected to be released October 16th so make sure you grab your copy. After the break, you can check out the deluxe edition and share your thoughts.

Alicia Keys Reveals "Girl On Fire" Single Cover

Just about a week ago after revealing her official album cover, it's release date and her performance for the 2012 MTV Video Music AwardsAlicia Keys isn't stopping there. Yesterday she revealed the cover for the single which is "Girl On Fire".

Though, I love the album cover a lot more than this single cover, it's not that bad. This is kind of giving off "boy" to me and I like the fierce A. Keys. The single will debut on radio and iTunes come this Tuesday so stay tuned. In the mean time, what do you think about the single cover?

Aaliyah's New Posthumous Album Cover?

As the new posthumous album from Aaliyah made news over the past few months and the release of the Drake assisted single "Enough Said", it looks as if her uncle, who is the head of the label that she was signed with, is going on with the release.

Above is the picture tweeted by her uncle himself and is rumored to be the projects official album cover. The album is slated to have 16 unreleased and never before heard songs and will feature contributions from a number of producers.

What's Love Got To Do With It

So as I was doing my nightly Youtube spamming, I ran across this. I started watching it yesterday afternoon then I started packing and coulnd't finish. But I finished watching it tonight. First off, I couldn't beleive I found the whole movie on Youtube. It's about to be 20 years old as it was released in 1993. I'm sure you have seen this movie by now, if not, slap yourself...twice. Once for me and the other for your stupidity.

It stars Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne and it tells the story about the life of the legendary Tina Turner. In 1993, I was 5 years old and my grandmother LOVED this movie. We watched it faithfully, my grandmother loved Tina just as much as she did Whitney Houston. She had the albums and all. I haven't seen the movie in so long and it's funny that I watched it again and understand everything that was said and done.

When you're younger, your mind isn't fully developed or equipped to understand what was said or happening. But I processed it all and found myself saying "oooh that's what she said" or "Saaay whaaaat?" and the infamous ""oh heeeell no!" It felt good reliving some of the memories as a child. If you've watched this in the 90's then you'll know what I mean. Watch it below.

Fresh Music: Bridget Kelly - "Special Delivery"

After gaining a respectable following after the free release of her well-received EP, Every Girl, Roc Nation’s OTHER female signing (you know the one that ISN’T Rita Ora) has returned to unleash the lead single from her debut album and it goes by the name of Special Delivery.

Check it out below…

Foolery of the Day

Keke Palmer Premieres "Dance Alone" Video

Keke Palmer just celebrated her 19th birthday yesterday, so happy belated to her. It seems like she is coming out with something new almost every other week. Just a few weeks ago, we saw the release of "Dance Alone" which was produced by Harmony from BlackOut Entertainment.

This is the second single from her upcoming mixtape which is self titled and will see a release later this year. The song is on iTunes right now so go buy your copy.  The dance filled video see a belly topped, baggy pants we're Keke moving and grooving to the flawless production. Check out the video below.

Fresh Music: Avant - "You & I" (feat. Keke Wyatt)

Now I know you remember these two. Avant and Keke Wyatt widely known for their hit remake of "My First Love" which was included on his very first album "My Thoughts" back in 2000. Now, he's in the process of recording a new album and has snagged her yet again for an R&B duet.

She is currently in the cast of R&B Divas which just premiered last week so it seems like a perfect time to release it. The song is called "You & I" and it's the first single from his upcoming album called "Face the Music" which will see a release later this year. Listen to the track below.

Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 12 (Season Finale)

Last night was the season finale of True Blood. The show wrapped up it's 5th season and if you missed it, as always, Dimp-Zone has you covered. A lot unfolds in this episode, though the ending is similar to the rest of the past season finales...they only leave you wanting more. On this episode, you will witness Sam and Luna doing everything that they have to do in order to get Emma back. They shift from humans to insects within minutes while coming up with a plan. Alceed returns to the old pack and issues a new challenge.

Andy and his fairly lady gave birth to a "batch" of kids who are half human and half fairy. Eric and Nora returns to the authority complex with Sookie, Jason and Tara as the plan on rescuing Bill, Pam and Jessica. Moments before, Eric saved Sookie and the other fairies by finally eliminating Russell Edgington. Only Bill has been brained washed into the religion so deeply that he comes up with a plan to kill off the last vampire that was standing in his way and consumes all of Lilith's blood and the unthinkable happens.

The ending, like I said will leave you wanting more. Not only that, but a bonus scene was released on HBO GO and it some what answered the question that I'm sure will be playing through your mind as you watch this episode. Check it out below.

Remembering Aaliyah 11 Years Later

Today marks the 11th year anniversary of R&B singer Aaliyah untimely death. The young star died in a plane crash on August 25, 2001 along with eight others. Her presence is definitely missed and her legacy continues to live on through her music and her videos.

Over the past few years, most recently this year, she has been making headlines. There was a biopic about her life and legacy in the works and now there's an entirely new album on it's way which will feature never before heard tracks from her. Many people wish she was still here today.

Fans and friends everywhere can only think of how big she would have been and question would there be a BeyoncéCiara, Rihanna or Ashanti as her influences are found in each and every one of them. Needless to say, this isn't a post to compare them all, but to remember the highest, most exalted one, Aaliyah.

Missy Elliott Prepares Return to Music With "Triple Threat"

It looks like the second half of 2012 is set to be a music filled one. There are so many artists dropping singles and album and now we can add Missy Elliott to that list. It's been a whopping 7 years since she released the groundbreaking album "The Cookbook".

Within that time, she has been enjoying working behind the scenes producing and developing other artists, but now, she's ready. It was announced via Twitter that she will release not one, but two singles. "Triple Threat" and "9th Inning" will debut Labor Day weekend. Check it out after the break.

Usher Premieres "Dive" Video

Usher has released the next single from his album "Looking For Myself" which was released a few months ago. The album has so far managed to sell 337,000 since it's release in June. He also currently has two singles in the top 10 on Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart.

It won't be long before this one joins. "Dive" is the newest urban single from the album and the video just premiered today. Check it out as he brings back the much needed sensual and sexy to R&B music. His video model was gorgeous as well. Watch below.

Tracee Ellis Ross Explains Exit from "Reed Between The Lines"

Last week I informed you that Tracee Ellis Ross was departing from the hit BET series "Reed Between the Lines". The new was just as random as Mariah Carey's single "Triumphant". Anyway, details we're slim regarding what happened and why until now.

The former Girlfriends star spoke with Essence and explained in detail as to why she wasn't returning to the show and also stated that she's in good spirits. She also said that there's a chance that she may go back to the show along side Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Check out the article below.

Azealia Banks Teams With M.A.C. For New Lipstick

New comer Azealia Banks can add yet another endorsement to her resume. The rapper has now teamed up with cosmetics giant M.A.C. for a limited edition lipstick color which is named after her alter ego, Yung Rapunxel.

According to Rap-Up, The color is a deep purple resembling the looks of an eggplant. It will launch online September 5th and in M.A.C. stores across New York city the following day through the 20th.  Who would buy or wear something that's just butt ass ugly?

Nicki Minaj Premieres "I Am your Leader" Video

Who knew? I sure didn't. This video was kept under tight wraps. I knew it was the next urban single, but I wasn't expecting the video this soon. Anyway, Nicki Minaj is keeping the ball rolling with her album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" which was released back in in April and has since sold over 600K copies in the U.S.

The pop single "Pound the Alarm" has managed to climb to #2 on Billboard's Hot 100. The next single "I Am Your Leader" features Rick Ross and Cameron hasn't cracked the hip-hop charts yet but the colorful and bubbly video just may help it. Check it out below.

Discussion: Beyoncé Giving Oprah The Cold Shoulder? No Interview?

Oprah has been nailing interview after interview with celebrity after celebrity. There was the infamous Houston Family interview, then Lady Gaga, Gabby Douglas, Rihanna, and next week Jennifer Hudson. Though, she hasn't been so lucky with nailing other. She was recently turned down by Lauryn Hill.

Fans have been wondering why Beyoncé has yet to visit Oprah's Next Chapter being that the two of them are good friends and all. Over the years, she appeared on the talk show numerous of times to promote various projects like her albums and movies. Oprah answered those questions via Twitter when fans asked. Check them out after the break.

Rihanna's Interview With Oprah

If you missed the in depth Rihanna interview with Oprah on "Oprah's Next Chapter", then you can watch it here. The talk show queen flew out, for her very first time, to Barbados where she had a sit down with Rihanna as well as toured her old neighboorhood.

The two sit and talk about a wide range of things inlcuding her life and love for music, her rise to fame and of course the infamous incident that happend in 2009 with Chris Brown. Rihanna opened up more and was very vunerable while talking about certain topics. Check out the full interview below.

Dora the Explorer: The Movie (Not Really)

When you were younger, did you use to watched Dora the Explorer on Nick Jr.? I know I did, faithfully on days when I didn't have school. Did you ever wish she was a real life person? If you then your wish has came true....sort off.

Thanks to College Humor, we get a glimpse of what a real life action Dora movie would like look. It stars Ariel Winter as Dora, and all of your other favorites make an appearance. There Bootz, DiegoSwiper the Fox, The Map, and Backback. You also get a glimpse of her mini games that she plays. Watch the funny trailer after the break.

Alicia Keys Reveals "Girl On Fire" Cover & Release Date

Early this morning, Alicia Keys took to her Twitter and Facebook accounts to show the world her album cover and release date for her album "Girl On Fire". The album marks her 5th studio album and it will see a release on November 27th.

The lead single will indeed be "Girl On Fire" which will hit radios and iTunes on September 4th. Right after that, on September 6th she will take the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to give her first live television performance of the single. Check out the press release below.

Foolery of the Day

Courtesy of Tristan

Jordin Sparks Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live!

A very radiant Jordin Sparks paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie "Sparkle" which she stars along side Whitney Houston, Tika Sumpter, Carmen Egojo, Mike Epps, CeeLo Green and more. The film opened at #5 pulling in a bit over $5 million at the box office.

During the sit down, the two of them chatted about Jordin's American Idol days, her boyfriend Jason Derulo as well as acting and singing along side Houston. Check out the awkwardly odd interview after the break.

Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 11

If you missed out on True Blood this past Sunday, then you know that you can catch up right here. There's only one more episode left which is the season finale. Make sure to tune in. In this episode, you will take notice at how Lilith is turning the vampires against one another by telling each of them that they're the chosen one. That resulting in Bill killing one vamp and he won't stop there.

Jessica was ordered by Bill to capture Jason and turn him but she disobeyed him and went to get shelter from Pam and Tara who was later visited by the authority. Sam and Luna are still on the hunt for Emma, they find her before being captured. Eric and Nora snapped out of the spell and finds a way to break away from the others.

Andy was visited by a fairy who's now pregnant with his baby. Sookie and Jason sought shelter at the invisible fairy club after they learned that Russell Edgington & Steve Newlin was out seeking fairy blood. The club was discovered by the vamps after one of the wisest fairies were killed and now all hell is about to break loose. Watch the episode after the break.

Taylor Swift Scores First #1 Single, Slays Your Favz

It was a huge week for Taylor Swift as she premiered her new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and her fourth album "Red" which is due out in October. The country singer has ROARED onto Billboard's Hot 100 nabbing her very first number one single.

The song snatched well over 623,000 downloads within the first week of it's release, making it the highest first week digital sales of any female artist. It hit number on on iTunes in over 20 countries and it will be announced as the number one song in America come Thursday. Peep the report below.

Fresh Music: Brandy - "Wildest Dreams"

Several months after releasing the lead single for her upcoming album "Two Eleven" with Chris Brown, singer Brandy is pushing forward with her second single. The track is called "Wildest Dreams" and was penned by Sean Garrett & produced by The Bizness.

The song has a complete late 90's throwback feel to it. She ventures back into the groovy side of R&B and definitely snags a feel good track for her album. She sings about the thought of finding  true love was in her wildest dreams. Listen to the track below.

Mariah Carey Releases "Triumphant" Video

It looks as if Mariah Carey is going full speed ahead with this mess she calls "Triumphant". This is the first single lifted from her comeback album which will be out in March 2013. The track features Rick Ross and Meek Mill, who both make cameos in the video.

Other than being a feature on her own song, she's also featured in the video parading around the boxing ring, holding up round signs with a big fat grin stretched across her face as if it's cute. Check out the Nick Cannon directed video after the break.

NEW VIDEO: Trey Songz – Hail Mary


These are all words that absolutely embody R&B star Trey Songz


Anyways Mr. I Invented Sex continues the campaign to support his banal new album, Chapter V by releasing a video for the god-awful Hail Mary featuring Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy.

Check it out below…

Fresh Music: Rita Ora - "Radioactive"

It appears Roc Nation darling; Rita Ora has at last unleashed a song not only worthy of the immense hype that she’s garnered since her much-publicized launch with UK chart-topper "Hot Right Now" but also a song with some oomph and much-needed excitement.

Check out Radioactive below…

Fresh Music: Leona Lewis - "Trouble" (feat. Childish Gambino)

As I reported a few days ago, Leona Lewis planned on releasing her new song "Trouble" which features Childish Gambino this week. Just a few hours ago, she did just that. This is the first single from her upcoming album "Glassheart".

The video for this is in the process of being filmed and she's hard at work completing the album. The song was written by Emili Sande and produced by Naughty Boy. It's another dance ballad, but this time, it's bigger and better. Give the song a listen.

Fresh Music: Ciara - "Livin' It Up"

Just before releasing the official first single from her album "One Woman Army", Ciara has decided to give fan a special gift. While "Sorry" is set to be the first single, she treats fans with a new song called "Livin' It Up".

The song was released minutes ago and has a fresh, mid-tempo vibe to it. Listen to it after the break.

Ciara Unveils "Sorry" Single Cover + Video Shoot

A few short hours ago, Ciara released the cover for her new single "Sorry" which should drop any moment now. This is set to be the official single from her upcoming album "One Woman Army" which is slateded to be released this coming November.

The starlet was also spotted over the weekend on Malibu beach in California in a revealing bikini shooting the music video for "Sorry". It's just one of two videos that the singer has under works. Check out pics after the break. (Toyas World)

Discussion: Did Beyoncé Press Pause On Keri Hilson's Career?

It looks like that is indeed a yes. It's no secret that Keri Hilson dislikes Beyoncé. I've posted about it plenty of times. You've seen the videos, the photos and everything else there is showing the dislike. No one ever knew why or what was the cause...and we may never know. But it looks as if work got around to Bey and her camp and word has it that Keri is blacklisted in the business.

 It's hard for her too book performances, attend shows and ever work on her album. The scoop is that none of the top producers and writers in the industry wants to work with her because they all fear that they will be tainted by the wrath of Beyoncé. She has reporteldy hit rock bottom and has too much pride to realize it. Check out the article below.

Beyoncé Premieres "I Was Here" Video

Yesterday, Beyoncé premiered video for the live performance of "I Was Here" which was recorded for World Humanitarian Day. The visual was shot and recorded last week live in front of an audience at the U.N. General Assembly.

The clip featured a stunning looking Beyoncé in a sequenced, dazzling gown singing her heart out while raw footage and animated graphics displayed on the screen behind her. Watch as the crowd cheers her on and sings along in this powerful, moving video.

The Star Studded "Sparkle" Movie Permiere

There's no doubt that "Sparkle" was one of the most highly anticipated films of the Summer. It was an important night as it was a celebration of Whitney Houston and her final feature film performance. The stars came out last night and there were tons of them there to celebrate.

Of cousre the filmmakers and cast mates were there but there was an unusual abundance of celebrities that came to see the legendary diva take her final bow.Among them were Whiteny's family, Ray J, Keke Palmer, Christina Milian, Vivica A. Fox,  Tyler Perry, Robert Townsed and more. Check out the red carpet arrivals below viz The YBF.

Kelly Rowland To Star In New BET Show

Kelly Rowland has landed a new staring role on a new BET show called "Why Would Dylan Do". The show will center around Dylan who is a struggling L.A. based relationship blogger who lives with her best friend Cherise who will be played by Gabrielle Dennis (Jané from "The Game"). Also confirmed to be on the cast is Melanie Liburd who will play Brooke who's a recently divorced and wealthy roommate of theirs.

I wonder if these new shows resulted in salary cuts from current shows like The Game and Reed Between the Lines? Could this be why Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall and Tracee Ellis Ross simply walked off of the network? It will be interesting if it is, because this isn't the only new show that BET is premiering. Will you be watching? Source: YBF

Tracee Ellis Ross Departs From BET's "Reed Between the Lines"

I don't know what he hell is going on over at the BET Headquarters, but the network has just lost another star of one of their shows. Following the departure of Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall from The Game a few months ago, Tracee Ellis Ross has exited from the show "Reed Between The Lines".

There's no official word on exactly why the split came about but news broke yesterday about her departure. Both parties released statements, but again, there was no why. The show will still go on with a second season as three new characters have been penciled in to fill Ross's shoes. Check it out below.

Leona Lewis Announces New Single, Album Release Date + 3 New Tracks

It's been a long year for Leona Lewis, whose album has been pushed back until the end of time. But the singer is still coming strong. Her new single has been announced and it features rapper, actor and comedian Childish Gambino.

The name of the song is called "Trouble" and it's scheduled to make it's worldwide debut on October 7th but will premiere on radios this coming Tuesday. The song was penned by Emeli Sande and will be the lead single from her upcoming album "Glassheart" which is scheduled to hit stores October 15th.

In other Leona news, three new tracks have surfaced. Two of them are from the "Echo" album era and are called "Haunted" & "Playground". The latest one is called "Burning Down". Listen to them all after the break.

Fresh Music: Melanie Amaro - "Love Me Now"

Melanie Amaro gets it right with this track. The song comes right after the mixed reviews of her single "Don't Fail Me Now". It looks like Epic Records took my advice and put out a nice ballad. The name of this track is called "Love Me Now".

I think she's scored a hit with this one. It's the track that I was expecting to hear first and I'm almost sure that this will be included on the debut album and featured as an official single. Because the first one won't cut it. Listen to it below.

Jordin Sparks Remembers Whitney Houston With Billboard

Today is the day that the movie "Sparkle" hits theaters which starts the late, great and legendary Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks, Mike Epps, Cee Lo Green and more. The promotional trail has been at full force for the past few months and fans are anxious to witness Whitney in her final performance.

Yesterday, Jordin sat down with Billboard and she remembered the diva. She spoke on how it was working with her on the set, how happy and lively she was and all of the inspiration that was given by Houston. Check out the interview below.

Beyoncé Talks To Anderson Cooper About World Humanitarian Day

Last week, Beyoncé shot the video for "I Was Here" for her involvement with the United Nations for World Humanitarian Day and is expected to premiere this coming Sunday. Before that recording, she sat down with Anderson Cooper and talked about her involvement.

Inside they chatted about spreading awareness and positivity around the world. They were also joined by U.N. Coordinator Valerie Amos who talked about the message behind spreading the awareness. Check out the full interview below.

Jessica Ashley Unviels "24 Hours" Single Cover

Songstress Jessica Ashley just revealed her next single and it's cover from her EP "Prelude" which was released back in May. The song is called "24 Hours" and it's a smash. She struts her stuff on top of one of the many musical instruments that she's mastered.

The EP and single is already avalible on iTunes so be sure to grab your copy there. The music video for the track was released just a few short weeks ago. Check it out after the break.

Brandy Pushes Album Back Again

Don't be mad, it's not a big push back, just a small one. But if you add these push backs, you'd be pretty upset because it feels like the album will never see the light of day. Brandy revealed a new release date of October 16th for her new album "Two Eleven".

It's only a few weeks after the October 2nd date, so no biggie right? It's just like, the more an album is pushed back, the less interest it has. That's the way it is for me at least. It's about time for her to release another single and video. That needs to happen before the album drops.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Ciara

Over the past few days, Ciara has been opening up to her fans with some very personal stuff. First was the open letter and the introduction to her new single "Sorry". Now, the R&B singer has revealed 10 things that you may not have known about her.

Some are surprising, others you may have already knew. She has been putting in overtime at the studio recently putting the finishing touches on her "One Woman Army" album which is expected to be released this coming November under Epic Records. Get to know Ciara below.

Fresh Music: Keke Palmer - "Dance Alone"

Keke Palmer is hard at work on her upcoming self titled mixtape. She's dropping singles non stop. First we had the uptempo anthem "You Got Me" which featured Kevin McCall and now it's the hotter than life "Dance Alone".

Both tracks were produced by Harmony from BlackOut Entertainment and will be featured on the mixtape. This track will be released on iTunes and other digital providers on August 21st. It made it's exclusive premiere on Singersroom today. Check out the song below.

Watch: H+ The Digital Series Episode 1 & 2

Last week, I was doing my usual parading on Youtube, just killing time. While doing so, I stumbled upon this cool new digital series that's exclusively on the tube called "H+ The Digital Series.". I first watched the trailer and became highly interested. Afterwards, I watch the first two very short episodes.

I thought you might enjoy this. Here's my synopsis. Scientist have invented a new technology called H+ that is implanted within the human brain, giving them instant online and internet access through their own eyes and mind.

They can literally see, send and receive emails, open web browsers, stream live shows and movies all from their mind while using their hands to navigate the process. But something went terribly wrong with the invention & people are dropping dead. That's all I'll give away. Check it out below.

Watch: Awkward Black Girl Season 2 Episode 3

Hey yall. Another new episode of Awkward Black Girl premiered yesterday. The name of this episode is "The Jingle" and it centers around J and her co-workers being challenged by their boss to create a singing jingle for their "Gut Buster" product.

The only problem is that J is now suffering from hearing the harsh words of her mother after she came to visit which impacted her performance. Check out Issa Rae, Andrew Allen James, Tracy Oliver and the rest of the cast as the embark on yet another comical adventure.

Nicki Minaj Performs On The Today Show

Earlier today, Nicki Minaj graced the stage on the "Today Show". The rapper performed hits from her recently released "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" and chatted briefly about her music and her different alter egos.

She performed her next urban single "I Am Your Leader". Also, "Pound the Alarm" & "Starships" were a few other songs she performed for screaming fans. Watch all the action after the break.

Fresh Music: Taylor Swift - "We Are Never Getting Back Together"

She's back! Taylor Swift is making her return to the music realm with a brand new album and single. This time around, she's ditched the country tempo for a more urban pop smash. She's enlisted Max Martin and Shellback to helm the production of the track.

The song has already topped the iTunes chart and his expected to make a big splash on Billboard's Hot 100 next week. The song is called "We Are Never Getting Back Together"  and is the first single from her new album "Red" which hits stores this October. Listen to the infectious song below.

Azealia Banks Releases "Van Vogue" Video

A lot of people dislike her in the rap game, some people look at her sideways when she opens her mouth, and others worship her. Me...I could care less about her and her music. But I'm fond of posting about her now because I'm sure you probably like her.

Azealia Banks just premiered the full video for "Van Vogue" which was lifted from her EP "1991". I was told that her style is one rapping over house music what does that make her? A god damn fool! Watch the video below.

Alicia Keys Announces "Girl On Fire" Album

Alicia Keys is one of the few artists out there that showcases her music growth. That as well as personality growth. She's a woman with constant growth in the mind, body, soul and music and that can be seen with her most recent makeover and the title of her brand new album.

Earlier today she posted an open letter on her official website to her fans revealing "Girl On Fire", her new album. While not giving a release date, she goes on to say what inspried her while creating it and insiting that the fans will love it. She's a burning flame and has a special surprise at the MTV Video Music Awards. Read the letter after the break.
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