Fresh Music: Alicia Keys - "New Day"

Alicia Keys has been in and out of the studio for the past few years laying down tracks for her upcoming album. It's the follow up to her 2009 effort "The Element of Freedom". Fans have been waiting for a long long time to hear something fresh from the singer since she gave birth to her baby Egypt and married Swizz Beats.

The wait appears to be over as the singer dropped a fresh track today to hold her fans over as she prepares her new album. The track is called "New Day" and was produced by Swizz Beats. The uptempo, heavy drum banger beats very hard and the chorus is catchy. Listen in after the break.

Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks "Celebrate" Video

Jordin Sparks along with all of her co-stars from the movie "Sparkle" served up a dose of fun in the video for "Celebrate". The song is a duet the with late and legendary Whitney Houston, who we tragically lost nearly five months ago. The track was produced by R. Kelly.

The clip was simple, yet fun as Mike Epps, Tika Sumpter, Derek Luke, Carmen Egojo, Omari Hardwick and Goapele joined Jordin for a house celebration for the life of Whitney. The movie hits theaters everywhere August 10th. Check out the visual after the break.

Jessica Ashley - "Prelude" EP

Remember back in April when I introduced you to the beautiful and talented Jessica Ashley? She released two of my favorite songs"Souvenir" and "Can't Help Loving You". They were simply just a taste of what she had in store for her EP called "Prelude".

Well, it's been released and it's epically great. The project features five great tracks and each of them shows off the different vocal abilities that the songstress has secured under her belt.  The EP is also available for purchase on iTunes so make sure that you go and buy your copy. Take a listen to the stellar music below.

Behind The Scenes of Keke Palmer's "You Got Me" Video

Just a few weeks ago, I brought you to the attention of miss Keke Palmer, her new sexy image and song called "You Got Me" which was produced by Harmony from BlackOut Entertainment. The track features Kevin McCall, whose vocals were recorded by my good friend Brandon!

Right now, the young singer has granted us access to a behind the scenes look at her video shoot which took place in California just a few weeks ago. Inside, you'll see an all grown up Keke giving you the rundown about the video, Kevin praises her vocals and Harmony makes an appearance. Watch it below.

Justin Bieber Earns The Biggest Debut of 2012

Are you a believer or beliber? Well it looks like 374,000 people are. That is the amount of albums that Justin Bieber sold his first week. The teen sensation released "Believe" and it topped the Billboard 200 Album's chart making it the biggest debut of 2012.

The year isn't over just yet, but this is just a good example for people to see how hard it is to sell albums. Remember when people sold 500K, 600K or even 700K in a week? The numbers dwindle more and more. It's tough times. But kudos to him. It's definitely a great album.

Trey Songz Unviels "Chapter V" Cover

Trey Songz is gearing up for the release of his fifth studio album called "Chapter V" in Chapter FIVE not V (for the fools out there). The project is set to be released on August 21st and will feature the singles "Heart Attack" and "Two Reasons" with T.I. plus a lot more.

This is the follow up to his last effort "Passion, Pain & Pleasure" which debuted at #2 on Billboard's 200 Album's chart. It managed to sell 204K in the first week and I'm sure he's looking to top those numbers. With the help and face of Kelly Rowland by his side, he just might. What do you think of the cover?

Tamia Premieres "Beautiful Surprise" Video

Back in March, I gave you a first listen to Tamia's hot new track called "Beautiful Surprise". The beautiful singer was hard at work on a brand new album and she was also shooting the video for the single. Now, all is done. She has given us a release date for the album which is also called "Beautiful Surprise".

The album will drop August 28th. Until then, you can let the video hold you over. It features her real live husband and former NBA baller Grant Hill . The visual was directed by Ryan Pallotta. Check it out after the break.

Keyshia Cole Drops "Enough Of No Love" Cover

There's no doubt that my home girl Keyshia Cole has been out of the lime light for quite some time now. Especially since she deleted her Twitter account, it feels like I haven't heard anything or seen any of her for a while. Well, the singer is about to make her triumphent return to music.

This was spotted on Rap-Up and it's the official cover for the singer's new single called "Enough of No Love" which features Lil Wayne. The song will be released July 10th via iTunes and according to my girl Sandra Rose, she will feature an exclusive snippet of the song this Friday. Stay tuned!

Watch: True Blood Season 5 Spisode 3

Another week, another True Blood post. The show is starting off very very slow, but that's expected in the beginning of the season. I'm sure that within the next few weeks, it will pick up. As always, this picks up exactly where the last left off.

If you missed it this past Sunday night, watch it right here on Dimp-Zone. Check it out below.

Brandy Announces "Two Eleven" Album Release Date

I know about 6 of you have been waiting to hear this news. Your favorite R&B superstar Brandy has announced the release date for her brand new album "Two Eleven". The date is tentatively set for August 28th. But I'm 100% sure that it will get pushed back.

Why? Because it will. For one, the Chris Brown assisted single "Put It Down" bombed and couldn't catch a break. Two, the entire tour and single with Monica flopped harder than Beyoncé did when she fell down the stairs.

She should have kept those lips closed because she's only gonna create disappointment after it gets sent back another year or two. It sucks but it is what it is, no one is checking for her. Not at this moment in time.

The Game Casts Lauren London For New Role

Actress Lauren London has picked up a full time gig on BET's hit television show The Game. Last month, fans were devastated after news broke that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall were not returning to the new season.

Just a few weeks ago, I also told you that the show was looking for two new faces, one to play the role of Kiera and the other to play Bryce. London has filled the shoes for the female lead who will supposedly take the place of Melanie. Check out the article below.

Kelly Rowland Says New Single Is On The Way

Hotter than life Kelly Rowland has been laying low recording tracks for her brand new album which will be out later this year. The singer just performed for the Hot 1079 Birthday Bash with rapper Lil Wayne. The two hit the stage to perform their #1 hit "Motivation".

Afterwards, two ratched women caught up with the singer and questioned her about Trey Songz, new music, the album and a lot more. She stated the the new single will be out in just a few weeks. The performance is at the very end so check it all out below.

UPDATE! EXCLUSIVE: Jennifair's New Single "In The Chi"

Chicago's own Jennifair's single "In The Chi" has hit iTunes. Be sure to download your copy! This is hot new music! This Mogul Media star is blossoming day by day. The track was produced by her partner in crime Drum Mage.

Original Post Below..

Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 2

Last night, the second episode of True Blood premiered on HBO and if you missed it, catch the bloody show right here. As always, the show picks up right where the previous one left off. Last week, we watched as Tara rose from the dead and came after Sookie.

Again, I won't spoil the show with a recap. I'll just simply let you watch the action below.

Stylish or Offensive? You Be The Judge

One of the biggest leaders in athletic wear Adidas is under HEAVY fire after the release of thier newest kicks surfaced on the web earlier this week. The shoe giant unveiled their newest shoe creation for their Adidas line by promoting and posting photos on Facebook.

The sneakers feature the colors of the L.A. Lakers basketball team, purple and orange, and are complete with orange shackles which secure around the wearers ankles. The company has since been slammed by the public and labeled ignorant and offensive to the African American community. Check out the article below.

Nicki Minaj Tweets Her Frustrations About Yvette Wilson's Death

There's no doubt that the urban world has in shocked aftee learning about Yvette Wilson's death yesterday. The former star of th hit shows Moesha and The Parkers lost her battle with cervical cancer yesterday after it hit stage four.

Nicki Minaj learned of the death and wasn't pleased. She went to twitter and gave President Obama a few choice words about America's Health Care coverage. She doesn't understand why the sick and poor should have to pay medical bills if they can't prevent something like cancer from happening. Check  it out below.

Fresh Music: Keke Palmer - "You Got Me" (feat. Kevin McCall)

She;s all grown up now. Keke Palmer rose to fame after her breakout hit movie Akeelah and the Bee which was released in 2006 when she was just 13 years old. Since then we've seen her in numerous of flicks and shows on television. She's been gearing up for her music release for quite some time now and here's the finished product.

The soon to be 19-year old has released the hot cover for her first single which features Kevin McCall. The track is called "You Got Me" and it was produced by Harmony from BlackOut Entertainment. Check out the track below.

Ashanti Pushes Back BraveHeart To 2013

January1st 2013, to be exact. Yup, this album's era has been disastrous since day announcement of the first single. Ashanti can't catch a break. According to Amazon, the album "BraveHeart" will be avalibale 1/1/13. Who knows if the world will still be standing then?

The album was supposed to see a release in April, then it was knocked back to June, then K.O.'ed til August and now it slipped into a coma and won't wake up until next year. As I said in my dissecting post....I saw this coming. I saw right through that blue ass lipstick! Sorry fans...wait you must.

Actress Yvette Wilson Dies of Cancer

I know you all remember the lovely and funny Yvette Wilson who played Andell Wikerson on the hit 90's show Moesha and The Parkers. She also made a funny appearnace on the hit movie Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

I am sad to report that the actress has lost her battle with cancer. She passed away yesterday. The news broke via Twitter after her best friend and fellow actress Shar Jackson tweeted her sorrow about losing her friend.

Over the past few months, Yvette publicly reached out to fans and friends for donations to help her battle the cancer fight. A website was created to help with fundraising and it managed to get only $13,000 out of the $25,000 needed. Check out the article after the break.

Pooch Hall Wants to Return to The Game

Last month, the urban world was rocked as the BET network announced that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall would not be returning to the hit show The Game. The show's producers were also looking for replacements for the sitcom and introduce two new characters.

Well earlier today, the actor sat down with The Breakfast Club and expressed his feelings about the situation. He stated that he would love to return to the show for a 6th season, but they would have to be willing to let him work on his new HBO show as well. Check out the article below.

Watch: True Blood Season 5 Episode 1

This past Sunday night saw the season five premiere of True Blood and if you missed it, then shame on you! The bloody show stars Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard, Stephan Moyer, Deborah Ann Woll, Rutina Wesley and more.

The season picked up exactly where season for ended, with Tara getting half of her head blown off after taking a bullet for Sookie. After watching the episode, it's easy to see what the focuses of the new season will be. I won't spoil it with a recap but I will say that the writers and producers know exactly how to leave you wanting more at the very end. I will just let you watch it below.

Did You Miss Me? Because I Missed You!

I know, I know! I missed you too!! I've been wrapped up over the past week with a lot of things. My little sister has made me proud by going on prom and graduating from high school.She's heading to college in a few months! I have to shower her with love and gifts before she goes.

Another reason for my absence has been my lack of sleep and internet service. I upgraded phones recently and Sprint is breaking my balls because they still don't have the new LTE 4G service. So I'm working with 3G (how, I don't know because it's terribly slow). But I'm back and here to bring you regularly scheduled updates. First thing first..

SPOILER ALERT: The Game Casting Two New Characters

I know many of you wondered how The Game will continue on now that Melanie & Derwin are officially out of Season 6. Their last episode centered around the two of them heading out of L.A. so that Melanie could finish her residency.

Now producers are looking for new talent. Two new characters will be cast and will be the main focus of the show. There will be one new male and one new female actress who's story line will run parallel to Melanie and Derwin's. Their names are Kiera and Bryce. Check out the article below.

Oprah DEMOTED At OWN Network?

Oprah isn't all smiles like she once was in the picture above. Word on the street is that the former queen of talk has been DEMOTED at her OWN Network. She not longer has executive power over the network which means she has to go through top executive for the real decision making.

The story is from the National Enquirer and we know that at times, they are a hit and others, it's a miss. Last time they tired to pull Raven Symone out of the lesbian closet but failed. This time, they're coming for Oprah. Get the scoop after the break.

Watch: The Game (Season 5 Episode 22) Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of BET's hit show The Game. If you missed out, as always you can watch it right here. The show picked up right where the previous one left off. Sabers won the championship game.

Melanie and Derwin hit a high note, Malik stumbled back to where he began, Tasha is happy about the fact the she's found true love, Rick Fox is full of regret and Jason becomes a happily married man with Chardonnay. Watch below.

Nicki Minaj Calls Into The Funkmaster Flex Show & Goes In

By now, you've heard the drama behind Nicki Minaj and her fall out the with Hot 97 Summer Jam crew. Particularly Funkmaster Flex and Peter Rosenberg. She pulled out of the show last minute due to disses thrown at her.

The barbie called into the station and addressed the situation at hand and boy did she read Funk. She got him together real good. You have to listen to it because she was going strong. This was an hour long talk that they had and it was just full of juice. Listen in after the break.

Fresh Music: Ciara - "Sweat" (feat. 2 Chainz)

The time has come. After exactly one month of waiting, Ciara has premiered her single "Sweat" and it features it rapper of the moment 2 Chainz. The bass heavy track will be avaliable on iTunes une 19th.

It will be featured on her upcoming album "One Woman Army" which will serve as her Epic Records debut. The album will be released later this Summer or early in the early Fall. Listen to the track below.

Fresh Music: Justin Bieber - "All Around The World" (feat. Ludacris)

Justin Bieber has joined forces once again with rapper Ludacris. The pair collaborated on his last album "My World 2.0". Now, his newest effort "Believe" is hitting stores in less than two weeks and this is the latest track to surface from the project.

It's called "All Around The World" and it was produced by The Messengers. The song leaked in a low quality format last week but now has officially been released on iTunes. So that means there's a high quality version floating around the inter-web. Give the track a listen below.

Ciara Spills the Beans on Producers For "One Woman Army"

Ciara was red hot when she attended the 2012 MTV Movie Awards last night. Last week, she unveiled the title of her new single which is called "Sweat" and she revealed the album title which is called "One Woman Army". She also gave fans a few promo pics to kick off the era.

Last night while on the red carpet, the songstress spilled the beans on who she worked with on her album. She revealed that she's worked with fresh producers as well as old ones and told us to expect to all kinds of things. She also hints that the new single should be arriving any second. Check out the clip below.

Nas Unveils "Life Is Good" Album Cover

Hip hop veteran Nas is preparing to make his return to the game with the release of his 10th studio album called "Life is Good". The rapper is pictured on the cover hold the green dress of his ex wife Kelis. The two divorced back in 2010.

The album is set to feature productions from Da Internz, Swizz Beatz, Hit Boy and more. It will also have the singles "The Don", "Nasty" & "Daughters" included. Will you be buying?

CTA Plans To Shutdown Entire Southside Redline Service

Yes you read it right, but I'm sure you're thinking about all the wrong reasons as to why this is happening. The Chicago Transit Authority has plans on shutting down the entire Southbound end of the redline L train next May for 5 long months. 

Reason being is to rebuild the entire southside's redline train tracks. Consider it an upgrade with few breakdowns, smoother rides and less delayed trains. Officials plan to operate free shuttle bus service for the entire 5 month period and operate red line trains via the green line tracks. Read more below.

Nicki Minaj Pulled Out of Hot 97 Jam After Being Dissed; Lil Kim Goes In

I'm sure all of you heard by now about all of the drama sourrounding Nicki Minaj's departure from the Hot 97 Summer Jam in New York last night. The rapper was supposed to headline the event and had a number of special guests lined up for the show.

Before her arrival, the radio DJ, who also hosed the event slammed Nicki. he pretty much called her a commercial sellout, saying that "Starships" isn't real hip hop. Lil Wayne caught ear of what was said and pulled Nicki from the even. After that, Funkmaster Flex hinted that the station will blackball her.

He took to Twitter and said that YMCM will not be performing at the Hot 97 Summer Jam. Fans we're upset because Nicki was supposed to bring Foxy Brown on stage for a history making performance. Lil Kim got a hold of that and voiced her opinion about the entire situation. Check out all the action below.

Nintendo Wii U - Details Released

For those of you who don't know, I'm a gamer. If I'm not sleep, at work, or blogging, I'm most likely somewhere playing my Nintendo 3DS or my Playstation 3. I owned a Nintendo Wii a few years ago and I absolutely loved it.

Now, all the talk about Nintendo's latest offering, Wii U, simply excites me with all of the cutting edge technology that it has. The E3 even is literally hours away but earlier today, Nintendo gave the world a sneak peak on what to expect from their next gen console. Check it out below.


I stumbled across this fly guy on Twitter last week and I'm happy I did. SEAN-CHRISTOPHER is an up and coming talent that does it all. When I say all, I mean ALL. He's a singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer, producer and anything else musically that you can think of.

This Atlanta based singer appeared on the hit television show "So You Think You Can Dance" as well as "Dancing With The Stars". So that means that he's no stranger to the cameras. He recently debuted his video for the hit song "ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM". Check it all out below.

15-Year Old Girl Accidentally Shot To Death By Older Brother

A Detroit family is mourning the loss of 15-year old Kadijah James in what family members are calling a "freak accident". The young teen died from a gunshot wound to the chest as a result of playing with a gun with her 17-year old brother.

It's believed the the two we're toying around with the gun when it accidentally went off, striking Kahijah in the chest. The brother was taking and questioned by police but won't be arrested because they feel that this was honestly an accident. Read the article below.

D-Beast Drops "Gun Trunk" Trailer

D-Beast is making his return to the rap game. After releasing music with his group R.I.P. Squad and a mixtape just two years ago, he's returning to the music. Earlier today he dropped the trailer for his upcoming project "Gun Trunk".

Take a peek at the clip after the break.

Is Drake Really Gay? (Comedy Sketch by Juhahn Jones)

Comedy sketches are what's happening right now and there are so many of them on Youtube. Remember when I first brought you Darmirra Brunson and her hot videos about Rihanna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj? Well, now we have Juhahn Jones taking a stab at drizzy Drake.

It's called "Is Drake Really Gay (Part 1)" and Darmirra makes a cameo. A lot of people think he's soft and sweet and this video makes it no better. Take a peek and the hilarious clip after the break and then, ask yourself..."is Drake REALLY gay"?

Ciara Releases "One Woman Army" Promo Photos

Ciara has officially kicked off her "One Woman Army" era with the release of a few promotional photos literally minutes ago. The singer revealed the news just yesterday that she would be releasing her new album and a new single very soon.

The track is called "Sweat" and it's said to be an up-tempo number. We should expect to hear snippets as early as this weekend, if not next week for sure. She also shed some light on the direction of the album and what to expect. Check out another promo shot and the short clip below.
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