Nicki Minaj Does Ellen DeGeneres

Yesterday, Nicki Minaj stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her latest album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" before she heads overseas to headline her "My Pink Friday" tour. The rapper sat down and had a hilarious interview. She talked about the ways that she spends her money, being a role model, the way she dresses and more.

She also talked about how hard it is to go driving in public, revealing that a women did the most while driving to take a picture. The little barbz, Sophia Grace and Rosie returned to the show and got a special gift the Minaj. She also took to the stage to perform a melody of "Right By My Side" & "Starships". Watch below.

I loved this interview. Ellen is just so funny. I kind of thought the segment with the little girls this time was a big forced. Even the advice Nicki Minaj gave them this time around. She should have just same the same thing as last time instead of telling them to keep wearing pink. But hey, they're kids anyway. They probaby forgot that as soon as the left the show.

As far as the performance, next time, I think for "Right By My Side", it needs to be more intimate and less dancing. She needs to book Chris Brown to help her with the performance. They two of them can be all over each other because it's that type of song. Not the type to be dancing to. I was watching it at work and was like NO, NO, NO! This is not what I visioned.

It wasn't a bad performance, I just think next time, they should go a different route and give Chris Brown a call to spice it up a bit. With this type of song, he can't possibly fight the air or lip sync. He'll just give a steady performance.
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