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So many things have changed about the people that you love in the entertainment business over the years, and even decades. The way that things are promoted and sold are done different, back accounts are fatter, some smaller and most importantly, their looks have all changed, some drastically.

After the break, you will be able to dive into a few celebrities and what they looked like when they during the beginning, up until this very day. This time line spans back as far as the early 80's and the some of the current pictures are as fresh as two days ago. Get into it below.

First off, as you may have guessed, I bring you Beyoncé. A woman who has been in the industry for well over 15 years and has became house name. In the above photo is her in her Destiny's Child days, at a tender age of 16. Some said she had work done and this and that, but if you ask me, he face still looks structured the same. She's one of the few that still looks pretty much the same as she did well over 10 years ago. Kudos to you B! I can't wait to see footage from her comeback performances this month.

Next, we have this hot ass mess. That what you we're thinking when you looked at this picture from 2004. It's crazy because I don't even remember her looking like that...EVER! She was ratched! Her style, the clothes, the hair and all. Back then, that was her and her style. She was the urban ghetto queen. It went right along with her sound. They meshed perfectly. But in almost no time at all, she ditched that swag and turned it into class. Today, I think Ciara is one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. We all know she got work done but it worked in her favor. She looks good with it.  Now she just needs to slap me in the hear with some new music! I've been waiting oh so long.

Mama Fantasia! Back in 2004 when she was on American Idol, (sometimes I forget that she won the competition) she was hot stuff....and still is! They need to invite her back onto the show to perform or something. I digress.. but nothing much has changed about her, except for her wight and that's because she just had a baby boy. She's gonna shake it off all in time for this new album that she has me waiting for. Come on Tasia girl!! She been in the studio with my friends from BlackOut Entertainment laying down tracks. I'm uber excited!!

Chris Brown, Chris Breezy, or whatever it is you like to call him is next on my list. Remember when he first came into the business. I was a junior-turning senior in high school when he made his debut. All that year, his name was the only thing I heard from the girls. "Chris Brown this, Chris Brown that...". "I love light skinned boys now." "OOOH he can dance, but he don't got not booty but I don't care cuz he's cute!" Their words..not mine. We practically watched him grow up. Look at that baby face. He was only 16 in 2005. Now he's a grown ass man. He worked his way into everyone's heart. Even mine back in 2007 when he unleashed my favorite song of his "Forever". That's probably when I became a big fan of his. Then, the unthinkable happened. Then it boiled over. Then he released a flop album. Then he released a hit album. Now his new album is getting pushed back like Cassie's sophomore album.

Here we have one of the world's biggest pop stars. I'm sure you know that by now. Back in 2008, Lady Gaga actually rocked a tan. Over the years, she just became pale...Like. vampire pale. Then after a while, her skin kind of turned back to normal. She's been looking a lot normal lately. The 2012 picture is of her leaving her latest tour. That's a nice long hair piece. Needless to say, not much has changed about Gaga since she hit the scene.

Hahhahaha, now we have the diva of all divas...Mariah Carey. She used to slay the charts in the beginning of her career. She once had a solid career, nice figure and hot albums..Now she is just as washed up as a damn beach whale. He last album has yet to hit platinum and that came out 3 years ago. Over the years, we've seen her battle with her weight. One point in time she was trying to get pregnant and was taking hormone pills and they bloated her up. Then she had the nerve to wear unflattering bikinis on the beach. Then she got pregnant with twins, had them, started her road to weight loss and above is the latest pic of Mariah. She did lose weight, but not around that cooh.

The queen of soul, miss Mary J. Blige. She's had a nice and long career in the industry. She's going on 20 years. We've seen her rock almost every look there is. She's done it all. I think, the only thing she hasn't done was tamper with her hair color. It's always been some type of dark brown or blonde. Though I could be wrong... She's another soul that's struggling in the business. Musically at least. She's not hitting it off like she used to. Especially after she did this damn burger king commercial. Gosh that was a bad move for her!

He was never as hot as Bow Wow way back then, but he sure is now. He's a ladies man. He's got the looks and the body. But you better believe that he's not focusing on much but basketball. He had a stint on Dancing With The Stars last season, and really haven't seen much of him since.

SWV, sisters with voices. They were one of the hottest R&B groups in the 90's. They recently got back together to bring fans a brand new album which was released last month...and they still have it. Vocally at least. The album only sold roughly 7,000 copies in it's first week. I just have to point out that they all look just as good as they did in the 90's.

Some say that TLC was the best selling girl group of all time. Others argue that it's Destiny's Child. Who gives a damn? Because I really don't. All I know is that I listened and love both group's music. TLC lost Lisa Left Eye Lopez back in 2002 in an unfortunate car accident. Chilli & T-Boz both are keeping her spririt alive. They both are working on new music and a new moive. They both look great. They havent aged one bit. Chilli's hair has been the same for over 20 years...can you believe it? We need to get her a new style. No, I'm kidding.

Say what? You didn't think I knew much at Patti Labelle? Well you're right because I really don't. We're talking about a woman that has been singing since god said let there be LIGHT! The crazy thing is that she's still doing it. She's still touring and performing around the globe. She's 67 years old and has been in the business for well over 50 years. That's crazy. She doesn't look like she's 67. Not one bit. She still has people standing for her. She has a nice loyal pack of wolves.

Toni Braxton...I used to be in love with this woman. Especially when she did the "I Don't Want To" video. Over the years, we've seen her go through so many looks and changes. She had long hair one day, the next she was a bald as an eagle. She's yet another one that's struggling musically. But she has her reality show thats keeping her in the light.

Ms. Whitney Houston, she will be missed dearly. Who could forget how she gorgeously graced the earth. The big hair, the voice. She was everything. I loved the way she looked in the "Dance With Somebody" video. Even up until her final days, she was looking really good and healthy. May she rest in peace. I'll be looking forward to see "Sparkle" this summer.

The lovely Aaliyah. I had to include her in this post. Even thought she's not here today, she was one that still went through a dramatic change throughout her short career. In 1994, she was the baggy jeans wearing, tom boy dressing R&B singer. Then during her last album's era, she turned the sexy up. You know what I'm talking about. I don't even have to go into detail. She was just simply beautiful. Words couldn't describe her. May she rest in peace.

Will Smith has his on and off days. I mean, one time I looked at a picture and thought he was dying. The next day, he looked better  than ever. He has a new Men In Black movie coming out later this month, so expect to see more of him around. But the man still looks good. 

Jennifer Hudson, some of you new comers to music have no clue that she had her start on American Idol. She didn't win, she was voted off. If you didn't know, then now you know. She lost a lot of weight as you can see. She's the spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. Some people say that she did liposuction and surgery to lose most of the weight. But Jenni shakes off the naysayers and continues to proudly say that she lost 80 pounds the natural way.
Usher baby! His look has went from pretty boy to raggedy. Back in the 90's he was always naked and showing off his abs and his underwear. Even up until a few albums ago, he played the pretty boy. hair was always cut and razor lined. Now...not so much. The raggedy look is what's in right now. There aren't really too many pretty boys around. Usher has left them hanging. The raggedy look is a good look.

Miss Kelly Rowland. There's nothing much to say about her other than that she's one beautiful lady. She's always been pretty. She walks to a room looking sexy without even trying. I remember the days she used to have that short hair cut. When she first switched to long hair, I thought to myself that it wasn't gonna work. But I got used to it on her and now I can't see her without it. We all know that she got a boob job and it did wonders for her figure.

Here, you're looking at a make-up less, wig-less, up and coming Nicki Minaj. In 2006, she was unheard of, no one knew who the hell she was, but in 6 short years that has completely changed. She is one of the biggest stars in music right now. Did she have work done? Everyone and their mother says yes she did, but I don't think she did. I'm going to receive a lot of flack for that, but I never thought she did. And, if she did so what. She looks good with it. She's transformed herself from nothing into a mega star...with surgery or without. She will be here for a long ass time.

Little miss sunshine. Well, that was her name back in 2005 when she first came on the scene. This girl has had every damn style you can think of. She's worn every article of clothing you could name. She's graced every single cover of every magazine you can think of. Rihanna is just a house hold name. She has fragrances, and a new clothing line on the way. She has done so much in under 10 years it's ridiculous. I think she is probably one of the few people that didn't get any work done. All of her assets still look the same to me.

Here's another weight loss queen, Jordin Sparks. This girl has the body of a goddess now. She's been putting in work at the gym like a mad man. When she was on American Idol back in 2005 she was called a plus sized woman, but not anymore. She has a figure to die for. Her movie "Sparkle" with Whitney Houston will be in theaters this summer.

Kanye West....I remember his ass always carried around the Louis Vuitton bag. He had everyone in the wold carrying one and I wanted to slap him for it. It was just a dumb fashion statement. People carried them with nothing in them. I bet you won't catch him carrying it around now. Kim Kardashian will slap fire from his ass.

She's another one that changed up her look drastically from when she first hit the scene. Alicia Keys rocked those braids like it was no one's business. People even thought she was a stone cold lesbian. As she progressed in her career, the braids loosened and the natural hair started to flow with elegance. Now she's a happily married mother that looks so damn good!

At the start of her career, she was on top of the world. Not so much now, but she still looks just as good as she did when she started. Ashanti just got a bit more hips over the years but they look good on her. Nelly isn't complaining.

Aubrey Drake. Boy did he grow into his looks. Because he wouldn't be getting any play if he was still looking like he did on Degrassi. The years have been good to him. I just hope that he doesn't get all old and crunchy looking like his father.

 Janet...she's another one that has had every look in the book. My favorite look of her's was in the "All For You" video. The hair and the body was nothing but hot! She still looks good today after she joined forces with a weight loss company.

 Jay-Z was a hot mess, but he has came along way. I don't think that he's ugly like a lot of people say. But I'm sure he wouldn't have nabbed Beyoncé had he still looked like he did back in the day. Look at those teeth..

 Leona Lewis, she's such a sweet heart. Her look did change a bit. The 2008 photo is shorty after her time on The X-Factor. She quickly ditched the curls for nice long blonde locks and now she rocking a more darker look and a trimmer figure. A single from her should be out soon and the album this far....hopefully.

 I use to hate him and his hair when I was younger. He's been doing this for quite sometime. Look at his skin color back then and all of that free space. Now it's all covered up with tattoos. It makes his skin complexion look totally different than what it actually his.

 Monica has been through quite a few changes throughout her career. My favorite look that she had was during her "The Boy Is Mine" era. I loved her hair and everything. I also love the new look that she has now.

Brandy!! She rocked those braids for a good 5 or 6 years. At one point, I thought she was bald.  But she wasn't. It was just her style. After she ditched the braids, her weave that she was using was a hot ass mess. It just looked so fake, and so tacky. Even the hair while she guest starred on The Game was a hot mess. Now, she looks great. The hair in the above photo look GOOD! She's been on the right track (literally) with these hair dos. I hope they stay looking this good for the album.

Whew! I could have done more, but this was so time consuming. Finding all of the pictures and what not. I'm tired, so that means I don't feel like proof reading. So if you find errors, misspellings and punctuation, then deal with it because I refuse to go over this. I hope you enjoyed, and hopefully some of your favorite acts will get it together, musically. And hopefully it's not hard to read.

How do you think they've kept themselves up over time? How are they keeping up with their good looks? How are the falling off? Did you like their old looks better..or the new looks? Share your thoughts about your favorites.

  Til next time... :-)

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