Ciara's New Album Is Done, New Music On The Way

This fuels my post about Ciara releasing new music tomorrow. A few hours ago, the head of Epic Records, L.A. Reid tweeted something that got C-Squad and other her other fans excited and ready! Yes, it has been nearly 2 years since she had an album.

She stated time and time again that she wanted to take her time for this record and didn't want to rush it. Everything surrounding her release has been tight lipped. Nothing has leaked. All I know is that her new album is DONE and we are about see get some new music SOONER than LATER.

L.A. Reid tweeted...

 Now that the likes of Karmin, Cher Lloyd are out the way, the room has been made and paved for Ciara to shine her light. I like the way Epic runs things. Each artist has their specific time and slot to release and promote things.

Unlike Jive records, all of their artist was coming out at the same time. Their different management teams we're struggling trying to find slots for performances but half of the time, there was no luck because they we already booked by another one of their artist.

Plus, that would be the reason why Ciara always had to come out of her pocket to do videos and what not because the label had so many other artist doing clips at the same time and there wasn't a good cash flow.

But now, it looks like Ciara is home. Her album is DONE. It's complete. Hopefully it's just right and will get released sooner than later.

I believe this is L.A.'s wife and based from this tweet, the album is done and she can't get enough of it! I'm excited and can't wait to hear what she's been cooking up!!! C-Squad!!!
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