Houston Arrested For DUI + His Downfall

Do you remember this guy? He went by the name of Houston. He released his hit song "I Like That" in 2004 which featured Nate Dogg, Chingy and I-20? it was his only hit and it peaked at #11 on Billboard's Hot 100. His album "It's Already Written" peaked at #14 and was certified Gold.

Times have been hard for the struggling singer. As you can see in the photo on the right, he was arrested and booked for DUI last week Wednesday. The last time he was in the news was when he tried to comit suicide.

He tried jumping from a window whiile on tour. After he was stopped by his entourage, they locked him in a room alone. That's when he found the time to gouge out his left eye. He was rushed to the hospital.

That's when it was revealed that he suffered from abusing PCP and was under the influence at the time of the suicide attempt. He was arrested admitted to rehab shortly after, then dropped from his label which was capitol records at the time. This was the song that shot him to fame.

He quickly went from that.....to this...

Yes, that is him from a 2008 interview that he did with Hood News. He gave an exclusive interview about the unfortunate eye incident, saying that the mafia and gang members did it and talked about prison gang rape *side eye*.

Shortly after that interview in December of 2008 he attempted another shot at music releasing a song called "Faded". By then he was unsigned and didn't belong to a label or company so the song went unnoticed.

A year later, Hood News caught up with the rapper once more and did another exclusive interview. This time, he admitted that the eye injury, that caused his down fall, was self inflicted  stated that he was looking for management, and still was talking about gang rape *side eye*.

A few weeks after the interview, he tried to capitalize by taking another shot at music releasing the track called "So Fine". Again, didn't do to well being that it only leaked on Youtube.

That was the last heard from the singer, until last week's arrest. It's sad to see how the business could eat up someone like that. Again, we saw a young, good looking, healthy man go from this...

to this...

...in just a few years. Jesus take the wheel. It just looks like he's had a hard knock life. Drugs do not nourish well with the body. Look at his lips. They went from smooth caramel brown, to hard, dry cracked and black. I doubt if he will or could ever make a comeback.

I was a big fan of his. I actually still listen to the song and a few tracks from his album. It just sucks to see someone that you liked not doing too well. I'll pray for him. You should too.
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