VH1's "Behind The Music: Aaliyah" + Album Update

Radio stations and music channels help keep the legacy of Aaliyah alive and kicking. I love it. Last night, VH1 aired their updated version of "Behind The Music: Aaliyah". It featured a few new pictures, new footage and newer interviews with loved ones and people from her past.

The segment follows her life from birth, all the way until the very end which was almost 11 years ago. Recently, rumors of her having another posthumous album coming out in the near future has stirred excitement amongst fans, but her family has shot down those rumors. Read on for the video & details.

I can watch it over and over and over again. Like I said, it's been almost 11 years since she has passed away, but this never gets old. I don't know how many times I've seen the same interviews and footage because it's been countless, but each time I watch it, it feels like it's the first. The only thing I disliked about this was agt the very beginning when they had fans surrounding her memorial and one of them asks "wasn't it her first movie?" Then someone responded saying "Yea probably." I'm like, aren't you supposed to be a "fan"? Because if you  all we're then you wouldn't have to "guess" or questions her work of art. It kind of made me feel like they just rounded up a group of folks and just took them to the site to get footage. They should have sought out REAL fans like myself.

Now, onto the new album rumors. Just one month ago, word broke by a producer that he was contacted and informed that a song he produced was going to be included on her upcoming album. Then, just last week Drake dropped hints that he was working on something special and had news regarding Aaliyah in the upcoming future. Well, Aaliyah's family (her brother Rashad) has took to the official Facebook page and stated the following.....

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that there is no album on the way. Just because the family isn't supporting or releasing it does not mean that someone else isn't. The wording o that statement was carefully written. I read it as, they (the family) aren't releasing an album or supporting an album that will get released. As I've stated in a few other Aaliyah posts, there are unheard tracks from Aaliyah out there, there's just a little bit of controversy about who has the rights (the family or producers) you know how that goes. And remember the movie about Aaliyah's life? Well, that is also on hold until the family is ready to share it with the world. So it seems as if the family is the reason as to why there is a lot of hold and push back on upcoming Aaliyah projects.

They have every right to refuse any release what so ever because it's their loved one. As a fan, I'm upset because I do want to hear this new music and see the movie all just to keep the legacy and spirit alive. But as a civilized person (the person that I am) I do respect the wishes of the family, let them do things at their terms and when they are ready.
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