Teenager Sells Kidney To Buy Apple iPad & iPhone

What would you do for an Apple product? Would you steal for it? Would you kill for it? Would you work for it? Or would you simply sell you bodily organs? Well, that's what a teenager from China did. The teen was willing to do what ever it took to get his hands on the apple products.

Seventeen-year old Wang from China gave up his left kidney for a cool $3,500 so that he could buy him and Apple iPhone and iPad. The gadgets are expensive in China, so when he came home with the products his parent questioned him about where he got the money, then he confessed.  Check out the article below.
A teenager in southern China reportedly sold a kidney so he could afford an Apple iPhone and iPad, Reuters reports.

Five people who had a hand in the 17-year-old’s surgery are charged with intentional injury, the government-run Xinhua News Agency said on Friday.

The teen, identified only as Wang, is from Anhui, one of the country’s poorest provinces, and is now suffering from renal deficiency or kidney failure.

After a surgeon removed the kidney last April, Wang bought the iPhone and iPad, and returned home to his mother. When she asked him where he’d gotten the money to make the purchases, he admitted to selling a kidney.

In China, Apple products are incredibly popular, but more expensive than they are in the U.S. The price of iPhones starts at 3,988 yuan ($633) and iPads start at 2,988 yuan ($474), according to Reuters.
One of the defendants was paid 220,000 yuan (about $35,000) to arrange the transplant.

 He gave Wang 22,000 yuan (about $3,500) for the organ, and split the rest with the surgeon, medical staff and three other defendants, Xinhua reports.

While it is not clear who paid for the kidney, the website China Daily reports that other suspects involved in the case are still being investigated. SOURCE
That's the power of Apple. They drive teenagers to sell their organs. That's some crazy shit! Who would even think of that? "Oh, I want to buy an iPad, let me just go see who wants to buy my heart." That's wild! The people involved should be arrested. The boy should be slapped stupid for only taking $3,500 out of the $35,000 that was given. Shit, I would have been like this is MY damn kidney, if anything I'm going to get more than $3,500! But, he probably was only thinking about holding and touching that iPad and iPhone. But now that he's suffering from kidney failure, he might not be able to enjoy it for too much longer. So sad..
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