Nicki Minaj Visits "The Today Show"

Nicki Minaj is looking to avoid the sophomore album curse, so she's been promoting everywhere. Most recently, this morning actually, the rapper took to the stage of "The Today Show" where she sat down and chatted with the hosts  and performed a few songs from "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded".

She is expected to pull between 200-225K copies of new album, which is more than one hundred thousand less than her debut. But the emcee is less than worried. She took to the stage like a pro and gave the fans what they wanted.  She talked about her style, her inspirations, her new album and more. Check out the interview and performances below.

Leave it to Nicki. I love her. I don't see why people dislike her. They say she's a gimmick, she's not real. And so what if she's not. You have every right to not listen to her. You have every right not to watch her videos and interviews. Who cares what you think. The fact that you sit and watch her means that you like her some what. Some where inside of you is screaming, "watch this, you must watch this" and then afterwards you just diss, down, and dog her out and everything she does. I just don't see why. If you don't like her, don't watch her. It's your choice. Reading some of the comments on other sites pissed me off, so I had to vent. With that being said, I liked both performances, I like both songs, I think she did an okay job with everything. I enjoyed her interview. It's no secret that she loves and adore her fans. Every last one of them. You don't get much of that from celebrities anymore. I just enjoy Nicki. She's doing her tight now and is on top of the world and her game. And if you don't like it, then you don't have to put up with it. Stop watching, listening and reading about her. Simple as pie.
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