Nicki Minaj Talks Her Style, Lady Gaga, Madona & More On Nightline

Nicki Minaj is high on life right now. Her latest album "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" is set to debut on top of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart with it pushing 251K copies in it's first week. She has been making promotional rounds all week to support the effort.

This interview is her latest. Based on her clothing, it looks as if this was filmed before or after her appearance on The Today Show. The rapper set down with JuJu Chang and they discussed everything from Nicki's childhood, the rap business and Lady Gaga comparisons, which Onika is tired of. Watch it all below.

Should parents be worried about their kids watching Nicki Minaj?
No, I don’t want to offend moms or children when they come and pay their money to see a show, but I didn’t come in the game to be an artist that appeals to kids either. [JuJu: You’re a grown up] Right, and I’m a crazy lunatic.

Does Lady Gaga comparisons offend you?
Offend me? No. Irk me? Yes. First of all, I’m a rapper. I’m from Southside, Jamaica, Queens. What are the similarities? Let me turn the cameras and ask you.

Wigs and…
Wigs? Every female in this game wears wigs.

The over-the-top costumes…
Over-the-top costumes? Ehhh…try again.

It does make you mad!
No. It’s just getting tiring. In the beginning I was like “ok, it’s cool. Haha, when they get to know me they’ll understand”. I mean GaGa is a fantastic artist. She’s paved her way. She’s opened her own lane. I feel like I have my own lane. And we never cross…ever. SOURCE

 I've never compared the two. I've heard and read about others saying it. Talking about her customers, the hair, the wanting to stand out and what not. It never crossed my mind to think about her copying Lady Gaga. I've called both of them utter fools when I see that they are wearing something outrageous. I wish she would have finished her sentence because when they we're talking about wigs..she clearly said "Wigs? Every female in thus game wears wigs. Incudi......" then she stopped herself and just repeated "Every female in this game wears wigs." She was about to spill some juice but she had to catch it. Because it was about to come out. She was gonna say someone's name but she stopped.  I should tweet her and find out who it was.
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