Leona Lewis Fighting With Her Label Over "Gangster Killer"

It's not a secret that Leona Lewis' album push back had some sort of drama behind it. Though the failure of "Collide" was a part of the push back, song selection for the album was another. I just got word on a song that she recorded called "Gangster Killer".

It's a mid-tempo ballad, rumored smash hit,  very different but is not the typical Leona. This is where the fight begins. A source emailed me the scoop and a detailed explanation of the song. It sounds good and all, but it may not make the album. Check out the scoop after the break.

"Gangster Killer"  is about a woman, who's love for a man, is so strong and inspiring that it turns him into a better man. Her love took him off the streets, it stopped him from gang banging and turned him into a better man. Thus making her a "Gangster Killer". 

The label and Leona's team are fighting because the team wants the track to be included on the album, but the label obviously doesn't because it's not the typical Leona Lewis. The source reveals that it's not looking good and the hot track may get passed on to someone else.

Interesting, I would love to hear it. I do hope that it is included on the album, or maybe even a bonus track even. I dislike that they tr to keep her inside of a box and not let her experiment  and try different things. that's what being an artist is all about. She doesn't want to stand and sing ballad all day. Let the woman branch out and do other things. "Gangster Killer" sounds like it could be the type of song that helps Leona find her way. A title like that could easily be given to the likes of Rihanna or someone raunchy and edgy, but this is why Leona wants to have the track because she can be an edgy person. Her label just needs to sit back and let her.

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