LaTavia Talks Destiny's Child Reunion, Her Life, Beyoncé & More

A few days ago, I posted a some news about LaTavia doing a new photo supposedly for her upcoming book. She looked stunning. Now, the former Destiny's Child member has stepped onto Kempirer Radio and gave an exclusive interview. She spoke her mind and it's her first interview in over 10 years.

She cleared up a lot of stuff and a lot of rumors about her being bitter, having problems within the former group, still loving and supporting Beyoncé, LeToya, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. She talks about how she has ALL of their albums (group and solo records). Listen to the very intimate interview below.

Part I

Part II

This was a great interview. It was very insightful and in a way, inspirational. We finally get to hear from LaTavia and her point of view about the entire Destiny's Child situation as well as rumors about her life. It sounds as if she grown up and became resolved about the entire situation. She warmed my heart when she said that Beyoncé is still her friend and no one can take their friendship away. There was a lot of eye opening details that she shared and it made me go "wow really." Some stuff she said just shocked the hell out of me (in a good way).

She's writing a memoir and is supposed to be released in early 2013. She said that her book is not to bash her old group members. It's not to taint the names of Beyoncé, Mathew, Kelly, or Michelle and it won't. She made that clear. She has love for the girls and will never to anything to hurt them. She said that she is NOT an alcoholic but she did have her dark driven days. She's over them now. It sounds as if she is just ready for the world and is strong enough to finally site down and share her life with everyone.

I think she's going about this the right way. Everyone is expecting her to drag down Beyoncé and slam her in the dirt. She said she's not and she won't. She was asked in the interview "if she thought Beyoncé was a diva in the group?" She said no and that everyone had names in the group. She said that Beyoncé was the mother of the group. She took charge on her own, ran rehearsals when Mathew wasn't there. She said that Beyoncé has always been Sasha Fierce.

She gave high praises and accolades to all them which made me happy. Her sharing her story made me feel good as well. Like I said it's inspiring and uplifting. There are so many people that are going through what she went through and for them to hear her sound so uplifting about resolved about her situation. I think this book will be big for her and it will propel her into the light. I hope that the other former group members will support this book and show their love and support for LaTavia.

She promised a comeback. Said that she will be back. She wants to do fragrances, acting, bedding line, lingerie and more. She is ready for work. She said she hadn't worked in so long but she still received royalties from the Destiny's Child albums because she was a writer. She said that she would also be open to a Destiny's Child reunion and that there is no beef between any of them. She also revisited the term "Diva" and then said yes that Beyoncé was, because a diva is the female version of a hustler and said it's fabulous.

She also talked about music that she listens to today. Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Jessie J, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and more. She said that she loves everything and loves a lot of music. She talked about Destiny's Child songs that she liked and mentioned "Say My Name", "If", "She Can't Love You" and said that there's a lot more because she has supported to group well after the nasty break up.

Good stuff.
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