Fresh Music: Keri Hilson - "Freedom Ride"

She has been quiet on the music front for the past few months because she's been working on her third studio album. But Keri Hilson is still making the tunes. She has contributed to the soundtrack for the movie "Think Like A Man".

The song is called "Freedom Ride" and she ventures back to her urban pop roots and sound with this one. It's definitely a step up from her last album, with the exception of "Pretty Girl Rock". Give the track a listen after the break.

I like this. I like it a lot. I'm a huge Keri fan, I love a lot of her music. I just don't like her attitude at times. Put that won't stop me from listening to her music because a lot of it is actually good. Like this one. I hope that her album will sound something like this because it works for her. What do you think about it? Vote and comment below.

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