Fresh Music: Chris Brown - "Til I Die" feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

Less than a month away, (May 8th) Chris Brown's new album "Fortune" is shaping up to be a monster. The project has seen the release of "Strip" with K-Mac, "Turn Up The Music", as well as the remix with Rihanna, and the sensual R&B banger "Sweet Love".

Today, he dropped another single for the hip-hop lovers as promised.The name of this track is called "Til I Die" and it features rappers Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa. The track was produced by Nathan "Danja" Hills. Give the track a listen below.

This is a smooth one. I can dig it. The drums, the galactic sounding effect all suits it well. I also her some of the pac-man video game sounds within the song. It's definitely not a bad one. I guess that it was true hen Chris said that he wasn't doing any interviews for the new album because he's yet to make an appearance. It's literally all about the music. But like I predicted, it's harder to promote. His singles aren't making much noise on the chart with the exception of the drama surrounding him and Rihanna's rekindling. Other than that, not much is being served on his side of town. What dod you think about the song? Share your thoughts and comment below.

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