Fresh Artist: Jessica Ashley

Here's another music submission email I received. You gotta love an artist that has two first names. This New York based singer goes by the name of Jessica Ashley. The up an coming singer is well known on Youtube and is known for doing covers of Beyoncé, Usher, Adele and more.

Her official Youtube channel has well over 686,000 views and over 4,000 subscribers. She's also very socially active on Twitter and Facebook with over 51,000 followers and over 6,000 likes. Be sure to Like & Follow her to add to the ever growing fan base.

She's currently working on her very first EP called "Prelude" and has already released the first single and it's video for the project. It's called "Souvenir". It's a soft ballad with catchy vocals and harmonies throughout the production. Watch the video below, it won't disappoint.

What can I say? I'm speechless. I am in love with her, her voice, the song and it's video! I knew she had two first names for a reason. I can't wait for her EP to drop. I will be all over it. I hope you like her too because I she will become a regular on Dimp-Zone. What do you think of her?

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