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This post was a long time coming. It's something that I've been meaning to do for weeks but never had the time. So here it is. This is my Dissecting post on music bloggers and websites. These are just a few that I visit almost every day to stay up-to-date with celebrity news & gossip.

You may be familiar with these sites, and already visit them on a day to day basis, probably more than mine because these are more popular sites. Today I'm going to share with you how I stumbled upon them, as well as my thoughts about them over the past few years. Check it all out below.

Lets start with the site that stared it all for me, That Grape Juice. I first stumbled upon this site in 2006, that was around the time the webmaster Sam, who is from the U.K., first started the compelling site. It was one of the first times I saw and read so much information about all of the people that I liked in music in one spot. From Rihanna, to Beyoncé, Chris Brown and Usher, you name it. It was there. It was my go to for my music fix. If I heard some crazy news about a music celebrity I instantly went to this site to see what Same had gathered. To this very day, I still go to the site but not as much as I used to only because of the lack of connection I get when I read post. In the past, Sam used to go in and have deep conversations about situations at had, shared his opinion and all. Now, most of the posts are a mere "let me hurry and type it so I can post it". Then some of the newer writers on the staff just aren't that interesting as writers. But nevertheless Sam has created an ever growing world class blog empire. Like I just said, It's not only him anymore. He has a group of writers contributing to the site and he's most recently launched "The Splash" and That Grape Juice TV. He's also known for nabbing interview with the likes of Ciara, Michelle Williams, Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland and more. I've read and listened to them all. This is a forever growing empire and it will only get bigger. I wish him and the team there all the best.

Next on my list is Trent who runs his recently successful site called The Lava Lizard. It's been nearly a year since he launched his it and it's seen nothing but success. For those of you who don't know, he started out as a writer for That Grape Juice and shortly parted ways after a small fall out. He contributed to the site and brought a lot of traffic to it with his wild opinions on hot topics in the music business. Readers loved him and still do. Which is why his site is seeing all of this success. He just launched a new segment called Trini Trent TV which has been successful as well. His channel has notched almost 2,000 subscribers and over 50,000 channel views in just one month. Tell me that isn't successful. If you do I will slap you across your scalp. I am a little bitter at the fact that this man has only been doing this for a little over a year and he has all of this success while my ass has been doing this for nearly 3 years and I feel like Teairra Mari..can't catch a break! But I shall..I won't give up.

Here, we have Rap-Up. I've been following them for almost 3 years but I've heard about them long before I followed. Crazy assumption, so when I first heard about Rap-Up, I thought, oh, it's only a site full of rap music and I'm not really into rap. So I always passed on reading their site. But I was wrong, one day I came across a post about Beyoncé and I started reading it. That's when I started to check back daily, then I started seeing posts about Rihanna, Chris Brown and a lot of other people I like. They have exclusive interviews, contests, give aways and everything. It keeps readers coming to  the site. I've always wonder who runs the page. All of these years have gone by and I've yet to see a face. They rarely interact on twitter. It's so mysterious ad intriguing. That could be another reason why I always visit.

 Next, we have the uber popular The YBF which stands for "The Young, Black & Fabulous". For the longest, I thought it read "they bf" as in they best friend or before" because again, I never clicked to check out the site. I'm glad I eventually did because I love it. It's definitely one of my favorite sites to visit because they cover more than music. They do television, music, movies, sports, and anything from anyone that fits the "Young, Black & Fabulous" category. The site has multiple writers who all do great jobs. I don't think I've ever read a post that I didn't like or care for. The site has won awards and received lots of praise for their work.

Now moving along to one of my top favorites, Sandra Rose. She and her team built what they have after starting from scratch and Blogger. Her site gets heavy traffic and hundreds of comments on a daily basis. She has loyal readers (like myself). Her site covers any and everything, which is how I'm doing mine. She talks about everything from music to deadly news. Her site is so powerful that helps gets the word out to capture criminals that are featured in stories that she posts. Sandra is ruthless when it comes to her stories at times. She speaks her mind and posts her thoughts about who ever, for what ever. She's been in twitter fights, readers are negative towards her (I used to be one only mine we're in joking matters). While she stands her ground, she makes people think outside of the box with her arguments. She comes under fire almost every day when she posts about Beyoncé. The stans try to come for her and she comes right back. Needless to say, i love her site and I visit it everyday.

Next, I bring you Toya's World. One of my friends introduced me to the sites like 3 years ago tell me about a post that was done on cheap Beyoncé tickets for her "I Am..." tour. I went to the site and never left it. Toya is a blogger from the U.K. When she started off blogging, her site was only for R&B music. There was no pop, no rap or anything. Simply R&B. Shortly after the birth of Lady Gaga and other mainstream pop artists, she made the executive decision to incorporate it to her blog. She had tons of readers and followers but lost a few after a mix-up with hackers and domain thieves. Her site is still stand strong. Her banner at the top of her page inspired mine. I used to write for her site but I lost all of my information and can no longer log in anymore. She's a cool girl, I chat with her from time to time on twitter and things of that nature.

This next site belongs to my favorite Aussie, Jacques who runs The Prophet Blog. I remember the very day I found his blog because it was the same day I started mine on Blogger. He was a blogger user as well and that platform lets you randomly stumble on other blogs. I clicked the link and it took me to his site. There we're tons of followers and tons of support for his site and I was like dayum...he's big timing it! While reading his posts I understood why. He's a sassy one. He used the term "bitch" in almost every post I read while he was giving his feedback and opinions. He also inspired me to continue to blog. There was one point in time where I asked him to include me in his blog roll and he goes "you don't even keep your blog updated, it's not consistent...so no!" I was like well, damn excuse the fuck out of me. Ever since then, I made it my business to keep my site updated. Now that I think about it, I still don't think he's added me. Needless to say, now his site features a lot of K-Pop music news and less of the Pop/Rock that he started out with. He hasn't completely abandoned it but there's less content of that nature on his site. I still make it my business to visit it daily.

Everyone knows her. She's Necole Bitchie. I've heard my share of stories about her and her success. I heard she was a groupie, I heard her site was created by a record label to help launch the career of Trey Songz, I heard she was paid to become an R&B singer's girlfriend and so many others. All of that being the reason why her site is so popular. But hey, we bloggers treat those as rumors and don't believe everything that we hear and read. Unlike other bloggers, who can't grace a red carpet or get into the lime lite, she does the exact opposite. She's attended numerous of events with celebrities and is featured as a hosts and what not. It's easy for her to do that mainly because her blog doesn't diss anyone. It's not a negative place where things are posted about celebrities which is why I like it. Her and her team spread the positivity throughout the site and she does a lot of interacting with her fans.

This is one of my new favorite sites! This Goes In is one of the newer music blogs that is quickly growing. I found this site one day looking while the most random thing...twitter buttons. Yes, I was customizing my site and I wanted a cool button, so I googled it and clicked images and saw the button that they used for their site. I was like hmmm, "I've never seen this one before." So I bookmarked it and started to visit it everyday. I also affiliated with them. The person who runs the site is pretty cool and is a big Pokémon fan on the Nintendo systems, like myself. I would advise you to check this site out when you have time.

Last but not least, we have B. Scott. If you've kept up with this site then you know my thought's on this man. I will not dive into them on this post, but definitely on a future one. I've seen this man start from NOTHING and now he is this big time Social Media Activist and a Multimedia Maven, at least that's what he's refereed to as when he's featured on segments. His site Love B Scott features a lot of content dealing with music, fashion, food and more. Though, the site is not updated as much as it used to. Reason being because he's out and about getting his appearance and host on. He's not really behind the computer anymore. He has a tribe of followers, he has a team that has helped propel him to this level of stardom. He had a dream and he knew what he wanted to do, and look at him now. He's a part of the reason why I do what I do. He's inspired me in so many different ways to just keep it going.

There are tons of other blogs that I visit and read almost every day like Miss Jia, The Lucky Star, Fly Guy Music, R You Thirsty, Singersroom, This Is 50 and more that I didn't mention above because my ass got tired of writing. I've spent nearly and hour and a half writing this. They are great sites to check out as well. We all do the same thing, we blog and compete for traffic. We try to have unique and exclusive content that will engage our readers. Some of these sites I use as friendly competition, I get some of the information that I post directly from some of these sites and I also have my exclusives. But I just wanted to share with you all some of the other cools blogs that are out there and I suggest you check them out....but don't forget about little ole me.

Share your thoughts about the post. If you already do visit any of these sites, tell me what you like and dislike about them. Use the comments section below. As always, thanks for reading. Share this with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and Tumblr lovers!
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