BLAST From The PAST: Gerald Levert, Jay-Z & Jon B.

This BLAST from the PAST post is coming to you by the late, legendary Gerald Levert, hip hop mogul Jay-Z and R&B singer Jon B. These three gentlemen were, and still are experts at what they do. They each still have fans that listen to their timeless classics myself.

The songs I'm sharing with you are definitely hits. Gerald Levert did a song with his father Eddie Levert called "Baby Hold On To Me". Jay-Z's hugely successful "Girls, Girls, Girls" track and the song that everyone loved in the 90's from Jon B. called "They Don't Know". Check it all out below.

There's no doubt that Gerald Levert was one of the greatest R&B singers that stepped to the mic. He unfortunately passed away in 2006 shortly after my grandmother died. He left behind tons of music and memories and this song was one of them. I first heard it while I worked for a woman's clothing store called "Dots". While we worked, there was a small boombox that we used  to play CD's on. This track was on a copy of a CD that one of my managers listened to. It was full of oldies. When I first heard this song I was like "who is this singing this song?" She said this is a father and son song by the man from The O'Jays and Gerald, I forgot his name." I was like oh okay. So I went and put the song on repeat and it played over and over again. It played like 20 times that day until my boss was like "okay, I've heard enough, what's wrong with you are you in love or something? Bad break-up what?" I was like no, I just like the song, then I asked if I could borrow the CD. I took it home and ripped the track and put it onto my Creative Zen Player. That's how I became familiar with the song and still love it to this day. The song was featured on his debut album "Private Line" which was released in 1991. It scored him a #1 hit on Billboard's R&B Chart and peaked at #37 on the Hot 100 making it his first top 40 hit.  Get into it below.

Next we have Jigga. Mister Carter. Jay-Z. This song was the second single from his album "The Blueprint". The song "Girls Girls Girls" peaked at #17 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart and #9 on the Hip-Hop & R&B Chart. This man has managed to propel himself from just your average New York rapper to this dominant force in the music industry. This song helped him get to that point. It's one of his biggest songs of his career and we all loved it. The song, for me at least, kind of puts me into a certain zone. When I hear specific parts, it just makes me fell some kind of way. It's hard to explain it, but I connected with the song at first listen. It also reminds me of one of my cousins.This was released in 2001 so we're talking well over 10 years ago. I was only 14 but I knew that this was one of the first Jay-Z songs that I absolutely loved. I decided to share this because I just heard it on the radio while my sister was taking me home. Check it out below.

Last, but not least is everyone's favorite non-black R&B singer Jon B. This song was his biggest, and people deem him a one hit wonder because of it. "They Don't Know" was featured on his album "Cool Relax" which was released in 1997. It has since been certified platinum. He's working on a new album that's due out later this year called "Comfortable Swagg". But I digress, this was a huge song in the late '90's. Everyone loved it. My aunt loved it entirely too much. Her and my sister. Every time the song came on the radio, they turned it up and got into that mood. Singing along and saying how much they loved it. Just listening to it brings back so many memories and I can never ever get tired of it. Though he really hasn't been as successful since then, this music is timeless. The song itself peaked at #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 and at #2 on the R&B Charts. Get into it below.

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