Beyoncé Preps Reality Show For Oprah's OWN Network

Beyoncé and Oprah have been friends for quite some time. The two of them are extremely close. They're so close that the queen of talk is rumored to be the godmother of baby Posion Blue Ivy. Both women are very powerful and are great at what they do which is why they plan on help out each other with their fading and failing careers.

I just got word that queen Bey could be in the process of working on a brand new reality television show that will be featured on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). It's said that the show will be debut in the new fall television line up. What will the show be about? Read on and you'll see. Check it out after the break.

An insider tells me...

"Beyoncé will be doing a reality show for the OWN Network about her brand new family life, her marriage with rapper Jay-Z and making her way back into the music business. This show will probably in the works for the next Fall line up. It may be a one time special or it could turn into an ongoing series, but the status of that is pending.."

I already know what you're saying or thinking. You're thinking "she would never do this." "She's too private", "she won't even show the world what Blue Ivy looks like when she's out and about", "she would never do a reality television show." Now, before you get to dismissing this post, take a moment to think about this. Beyoncé has been doing all kinds of off the wall things lately. Most recently her joining the social media (off the wall). She sent her first tweet after over a year of joining twitter (off the wall).

She opened a tumblr page (that no one really seems to care about) which shows more personal pics than ever before of her and Jay-Z (off the wall). She's doing so much right now and it's all back to back. She could possibly be hiding Blue Ivy from the world so that everyone can get their very first viewing of the baby through Oprah's network. It all makes since. Being the big star that she is, Beyoncé could easily drive ratings through the roof for Oprah's network. At the same time, Oprah is giving time and space on the network for Beyoncé to reclaim her music throne.

Beyoncé's career has went down hill after the release of her album "4" last year. She popped back into the news after she revealed her pregnancy, she's been accused of wearing fake baby bumps, had the baby and is snapped where ever she goes with Blue Ivy. There's no doubt that the attention that Beyoncé is getting, positive & negative, are due to the fact that she has Blue Ivy. That baby is the reason why she's still relevant at the moment.

Oprah's OWN network has been struggling as well. Shows have been canceled left and right, like the Rosie Show. It didn't stand a chance. The network has recently seen success with the likes of interviews that Oprah has been doing. She started with the Houston Family, then moved onto Lady Gaga and now wants George Zimmerman. Those interviews has helped her ratings big time. Now if we add Beyoncé to the mix, image how they would be helping out one another. Beyoncé would have a place to regain a career and Oprah will have ratings.

This would be a way for her to give fans and the world an inside look at what goes down in her private life, and the world is still interested and wants to know simply becuase, it's private. They want to see Blue Ivy, they want to see Beyoncé & Jay-Z interacting together. I mean, it's easy for me to believe. I'm simply drawing conclusions from what I've gathered over the past few months. I mean, I wouldn't put a reality television show past her. 

Needless to say, nothing is confirmed, I just thought I would pass on this startling information. I'm sure it rocked your socks (as Vicky Nolan would say). And hey, if it's not true, we've all seen Media Takeout post even more crazy stories and lies than this. However, if this does turn out to be true, remember where you read it first! That leaves me to ask you if you think it's true or not? Do you think Beyoncé will be doing a reality television show on Oprah's network? Vote and comment below.

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